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Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer is a three-episode OVA series based on the game was directed by the game's character designer Masami Ōbari and animated by J.C.Staff. It was released in 1996.

English Voice Cast

Main Cast

  • Joseph Morgan - Kyosuke Shigure
  • Ted Lewis - Isato Kaiza/Gowcaizer
  • Vinnie Penna - Kash Mizutani/Hellstinger

Secondary Cast

Minor Cast

  • Alex West - Fudomaru, Narrator, Prof. Ranpo Fudo
  • K.B. Nau - Master Ohga

Additional Voices

  • Ed Kissel
  • Frank P. Popler
  • Jeffrey Zitomer
  • Jonathan Lupo
  • Karel Havle
  • Sandee Gilman
  • Tracy Lynn Johnson