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Those Who Hunt Elves 2

Those Who Hunt Elves II is an anime that serves as a sequel to Those Who Hunt Elves. The series aired between October 1, 1997 and December 24, 1997 on TV Tokyo.

English Voice Cast

Main Cast

Secondary Cast

Minor Cast

  • Alex Dickinson - Barfly (ep2), Grunt (ep8), Male Guest (ep5), Milita Man (ep2), Office Crowd (ep9), Townsfolk (ep10), Townsfolk (ep12), Villager (ep7)
  • Allison Sumrall - Bizzarre (ep11), Elf (ep8), Office Crowd (ep9)
  • Andrew Klimko - Evil Junpei (ep8)
  • Andy McAvin - Chicken (ep11), Mayor, Salary Man Santa (ep9), Townsfolk (ep12)
  • Chris Patton - Barfly (ep2), Goblin (ep11), Grunt (ep8), Kerames (ep4), Salary Man Santa (ep9), Servant (ep10), Villager (ep7)
  • David Williams - Astronomer (ep4), Barfly (ep2), Fisherman (ep1), Townsman (ep2), Wrecker (ep6)
  • Derek Degeyter - Grunt (ep8), Milita Man (ep2), Observer (ep1), Townsfolk (ep10), Townsfolk (ep12), Townsman (ep11), Villager (ep7)
  • donaldo - Astronomer (ep4), Barfly (ep2), Fisherman (ep1), Mr. Tomato (ep5), Townsman (ep2)
  • Ed Paez - Grunt (ep8), Office Crowd (ep9), Townsfolk (ep10), Townsfolk (ep12), Townsman (ep11), Wolf (ep7)
  • Emily Womack - Bathing Woman (ep2), Bunny (ep2), Child (ep3), Elvish School Girl (ep6), Female Guest (ep5), Rosa (ep1)
  • George Manley - Lobster Tank (ep11), Mary The Shephard (ep8), Office Crowd (ep9), Santa (ep9), Sorceror (ep12), Townsfolk (ep10), Townsfolk (ep12), Tree Demon (ep12), Villager (ep7)
  • Greg Ayres - Legendary Sorcerer (ep12), Officer Crowd (ep9), Servant (ep10), Townsfolk (ep10)
  • Illich Guardiola - Chairman (ep8), Villager (ep7), Wolf Hunter (ep7)
  • Jason Douglas - Barfly (ep2), Guild Member (ep4), PA Announcer (ep5), The Mayor (ep3)
  • Jay Hickman - Satan Santa (ep9), The Judge, Townsman (ep3)
  • Jessica Boone - Bathing Woman (ep2), Bunny (ep2), Child (ep3), Elven Hunter (ep7), Elvish School Girl (ep6), Mer-elf (ep1), Office Crowd (ep9), Pulana (ep8), Townsfolk (ep10), Townsfolk (ep12), Woman Santa (ep9)
  • Kaytha Coker - Elf (ep8), Elven Hunter (ep7), Office Crowd (ep9), Old Lady (ep9), Regina
  • Kim Prause - Elf (ep8), Elven Hunter (ep7), Elvish School Girl (ep6), Fake Mermaid (ep1), Nancy (ep3), Office Crowd (ep9), Sorcerer (ep12), Townsfolk (ep10), Townsfolk (ep12), Woman Santa (ep9)
  • Kira Vincent-Davis - Elvish School Girl (ep6), Lana (ep2), Young Junpei (ep4)
  • Kyle Jones - Astronomer (ep4), Barfly (ep2), Male Guest (ep5), Sorcerer (ep12), Venus Fly-Trap (ep5), Were-Wolf (ep3)
  • Leraldo Anzaldua - Announcer (ep9), Attendant (ep5), Barfly (ep2), Observer (ep1), Sorcerer (ep12), Townsfolk (ep10), Townsfolk (ep12), Townsman (ep3), Villager (ep7)
  • Mandy Clark - Elvish School Girl (ep6), Little Girl (ep3), Pichis (ep2)
  • Matt Culpepper - Barfly (ep2), Male Guest (ep5), Milita Man (ep2), Observer (ep1)
  • Melissa Cybele - Annette, Grandma (ep7), Priestess (ep1)
  • Melissa Williams - Bathing Woman (ep2), Bunny (ep2), Elf (ep8), Elven Hunter (ep7), Lilia (ep6), Office Crowd (ep9), Sorcerer (ep12), Townsfolk (ep12)
  • Monica Rial - Bathing Woman (ep2), Bruno (ep4), Bunny (ep2), Elf (ep8), Presiding Judge, Sorcerer (ep12), The Turtle (ep4), Woman Santa (ep9)
  • Randy Sparks - Beano (ep5), Beenal, Bunny Mask (ep8), Guild Member (ep4), Milita Man (ep2), Pig Fish (ep11), Servant (ep10), Ship's Captain (ep5), Townsfolk (ep12), Wolf Hunter (ep7)
  • Rob Bundy - Einal, Man Who Stripped Emperor (ep8), Receptionist (ep9), Servant (ep10), The Elephant (ep4), The Mayor (ep2), Wolf Hunter (ep7)
  • Ron Howald - Head Observer (ep1), Milita Man (ep2), Shopkeeper (ep4), The Principal (ep6)
  • Rozie Curtis - Evil Ritsuko (ep8)
  • Scott McClennen - Villager (ep7)
  • Shondra Marie - Child (ep3), Elf (ep8), Elvish School Girl (ep6), Office Crowd (ep9), Sorcerer (ep12), Townsfolk (ep10), Townswoman (ep3)
  • Tiffany Grant - Elvish School Girl (ep6), Little Panda (ep3)
  • Vic Mignogna - Barfly (ep2), Bruno's Father (ep4), Goblin (ep11), Grunt (ep8), Infomercial Santa (ep9), Nicole (ep5), Office Crowd (ep9), Servant (ep10), Sorcerer (ep12), Townsman (ep3), Wolf Hunter (ep7)

Additional Voices