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Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie, known as Street Fighter II Movie (ストリートファイター II MOVIE) in Japan and Australia, is a 1994 Japanese animated film adaptation of the Street Fighter II fighting games written by Kenichi Imai, directed by Gisaburō Sugii and animated by Group TAC. The film, originally released in Japan on August 8, 1994, was released theatrically in North America, the United Kingdom, France and Spain, and was adapted into English in dubbed and subtitled format by Animaze for Manga Entertainment. It was also distributed by 20th Century Fox in other countries. The fight sequences of the film were choreographed by K-1 founder Kazuyoshi Ishii and professional fighter Andy Hug.

Japanese Voice Cast

English Voice Cast

  • Ryu - Hank Smith
  • Ken - Ted Richards
  • Chun Li - Mary Briscoe
  • Bison - Phil Matthews
  • Guile - Donald Lee
  • Zangief - William Johnson
  • DJ - John Hammond
  • Honda - Patrick Gilbert
  • Vega - Steve Davis
  • Sagat - David Conrad
  • Cammie - S.J. Charvin
  • Master - George Celik
  • Blanka - Tom Carlton
  • Dhalsim - Don Carey
  • Thunderhawk - Richard Cardona
  • Balrog - Joe Michaels
  • Eliza - Toni Burke
  • Fei Long - Phil Williams
  • Old Man - Leo Gray
  • Ring Announcer - Roger Canfield
  • Director - Michael Porter
  • Promoter - Susan Sheffer
  • Investigator A - Scott Ponsor
  • Investigator B - Stephen Platt
  • Officer - Ben Parks
  • Senoh - Murry Williams
  • Terrorist - Donald Salin
  • Minister Sellers - Peter Brooks