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Spiral 2002 DVD Cover

Spiral (スパイラル〜推理の絆) is an anime based on the shōnen mystery manga series written by Kyou Shirodaira and illustrated by Eita Mizuno. The series consists of 25 episodes and was broadcast on TV Tokyo from October 1, 2002 until March 25, 2003. The anime is licensed in North America by FUNimation Entertainment.

English Voice Cast

Main Cast

Secondary Cast

Minor Cast

  • Adrian Cook - Recital Hall Security Guard (ep3), Room Service (ep23)
  • Alison Retzloff - Hiyono's Classmate (ep1), Little Boy with Bunny (ep24), Nero (ep12), Ryoko's Friend A (ep20), Sayoko's Friend A (ep18)
  • Amber Cotton - Dismayed Woman A (ep12), Eyes’ Manager (ep12), Timing Girl (ep15)
  • Andrew Rye - Gym Student C (ep5), Knife Salesman (ep3)
  • Brandon Bristow - Gossiping Student A (ep1)
  • Brice Armstrong - Dancing Drunkard (ep14, 16, 19), Raizou Shiranagatani (ep2, 11, 19)
  • Brina Palencia - Female Journalist B (ep3), Gossiping Student A (ep1), Laughing Little Girl (ep11), Mocking Schoolgirl A (ep11)
  • Chad Cline - Boy with Letter (ep21), Bullet Train Announcer (ep24), Police Dispatcher (ep21), Unfriendly Man (ep19)
  • Clarine Harp - Informing Girl (ep5), Startled Student Walla (ep5), Takako Adachi (ep2)
  • Colleen Clinkenbeard - Suzuki (ep5, 16)
  • Cynthia Cranz - Reiko Hatsuyama (ep1-2)
  • Dave Trosko - Concert M.C. (ep3), Gym Student B (ep5), Paramedic (ep6), Startled Student Walla (ep5), Station Attendant (ep9)
  • Evan Jones - Restaurant Owner (ep14, 16, 19), Star Pitcher (ep15)
  • Jamie Marchi - Auditorium Announcer (ep3), Condescending Girl (ep1), Eating Cat A (ep18), Mother (ep24), Ryoko's Friend B (ep20), Sayoko's Teammate (ep18), Screaming Girl (ep1, 14), Sucking Up Girl B (ep15)
  • Jerry Jewell - Party Walla (ep17)
  • Jerry Zumwalt - Social Studies Teacher (ep21)
  • Justin Cook - Black Kitten (ep12), Brown-Haired Hunter (ep13, 16-17), Eating Cat C (ep18), Teddy (ep15)
  • Kristin McCollum - Giggling Girl B (ep5), Kei Shiranagatani (ep2)
  • Lane Pianta - Conductor (ep10), Station Announcer (ep9)
  • Lauren Goode - White Cat (ep25)
  • Leah Clark - Female Journalist A (ep3), Gossiping Student C (ep1), Sucking Up Girl A (ep15)
  • Lydia Mackay - Little Girl's Mother (ep11)
  • Meredith McCoy - Airport Clerk (ep21), Cheering Girl (ep15), Eating Cat B (ep18), Party Walla (ep17), Phone Operator (ep20), Ryoko's Friend C (ep20), Sayoko's Friend B (ep18)
  • Michael Terry - Male Journalist A (ep3)
  • Mike McFarland - Redhead Hunter (ep18)
  • Ricky Page - Doctor (ep11), Gym Student A (ep5)
  • Seán Schemmel - Takashi Sonobe (ep1-4, 11, 14)
  • Sean Michael Teague - Lucky the Turtle (ep3)
  • Sonny Strait - Imazato (ep5-6, 14), Startled Student Walla (ep8)
  • Steve Cutter - Male Journalist B (ep3)
  • Susan Huber - Dismayed Woman B (ep12), Giggling Girl A (ep5), Gym Coach (ep15), Mocking Schoolgirl B (ep11), Party Walla (ep17), Ticket Lady (ep3)
  • Vic Mignogna - Piercings Hunter (ep18-20)