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Sorcerer on the Rocks (妖術者 オンザロック, Mahotsukai on za Rokkus) also known as Chivas 1-2-3 (シーバス1-2-3, Chivas 1-2-3) is a spin-off of Sorcerer Hunters. The name was changed from Chivas 1-2-3 because ADV Films didn't want to get into a legal fight with the Whiskey company of the same name. It was released in August 21, 1999 – September 21, 1999 by Daume.

English Voice Cast

Main Cast

Secondary Cast

Minor Cast

Additional Voices

  • Chris Hawley
  • Fumiko Chino
  • James Bates
  • Ruby Halipoto
  • Veronica Diaz