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Shadow Skill (影技 SHADOW SKILL) is an anime based on the manga series produced by Studio Deen and aired on TV Tokyo in 1998 and has been released in the United States by ADV Films in 2005.

English Voice Cast

Main Cast

Secondary Cast

Minor Cast

  • Allison Norman - Female Valle C
  • Ben Estus - Their Son (ep1)
  • Blake Shepard - Spy (ep1)
  • Carlo Minotti - Bully (ep15), Dock Attendant (ep13), Gondollier (ep10), Merchant (ep7), Other Male Customer (ep8)
  • Cassandra Perry - Female Valle A
  • Charlie Campbell - Bully (ep15), Farmer (ep11), Sentry (ep17), Shaman (ep16)
  • Christopher Ayres - Lao (ep16), Solfan Spy (ep8), Waiter (ep8)
  • David Born - Lao, Old Coot (ep9)
  • David Wald - Bully (ep15), Soldier (ep17)
  • Elizabeth Byrd - Caravan Wife (ep1), Old Woman (ep3), Volcetice Lo
  • Eric Berding - Mean Guy's Buddy (ep18), Merchant (ep19), Villager (ep19)
  • Eric Chase - Announcer (ep2), Narrator
  • Eric Love - Mean Guy (ep18), Soldier B (ep20), Villager (ep19)
  • Gene Tognacci - Mr. Impatient (ep2), Soldier (ep16)
  • George Manley - Doga (ep7), Male Customer (ep8)
  • Gerald Hanks - Genrou (ep12)
  • Illich Guardiola - Lo
  • Jason Douglas - Bad Dude C (ep3), Bandit Leader (ep3), Caravan Leader (ep1), Squadron Leader
  • Jay Hickman - Business Man (ep4), Kain "G" Phalanx, Kor Icks (ep2), Van Ashvar
  • Jessica Boone - Gana Gig
  • John Gremillion - Baru (ep16), Bully (ep15), Klack, Okito (ep7), Pickpocket (ep19), Sentry (ep17), Solfan Spy (ep8)
  • John Swasey - Hulem (ep5)
  • Jory Shelton - Crying Kid (ep19)
  • K.C. Jones - Clerk (ep2), Farmer (ep11), Guiss (ep16), Knight (ep10), River Man's Buddy (ep7), Solfan Spy (ep8), Villager (ep19)
  • Kayla Crenshaw - Female Valle B, Guian Tees
  • Kira Vincent Davis - Fais (ep14), Kaila Lu Luka
  • Lee Stringer - Sai Oh, Shia Khan, Soldier (ep17)
  • Mark X. Laskowski - Bad Dude B (ep3), Death (ep21), River Man (ep7), Soldier, Soldier A (ep20), Talisman, Uno (ep10), Villager (ep19)
  • Marty Fleck - Munchausen (ep9), Sergeant, Village Chief (ep3)
  • Mike MacRae - Bystander A (ep6), Old Mustachioed Soldier
  • Mike McFarland - Darkness, Jin Sutra, Mr. Ohiba (ep4), Palace Guard (ep2)
  • Mike Vance - Bad Dude A (ep3), Baldy (ep2)
  • Monica Rial - Feolina, Princess Lilbelt, Receptionist (ep8)
  • Nancy Novotny - Lunalis Umbra
  • Rob Mungle - Bystander B (ep6), Old Tall Soldier
  • Shelley Calene-Black - Jinevia
  • Tiffany Grant - Lai (ep14)
  • Tyran Shelton - Crying Kid (ep19)
  • Vic Mignogna - Glad Di, Louie Frasneel (ep7), Lynn, Sculptor, Sentry (ep17), Zal Zachary (ep19)

Additional Voices