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Sam Biggs is an American voice actor who has done work for Funimation Entertainment.

Anime Voice Work

Anime - Dubbing

  • B't X - Additional Soldiers (ep11), Assassins (ep19), Crowd (ep1, 23-24), Demon Generals (ep22), Main Square Crowd (ep1), Male Scientists (ep1), Science Crowd (ep1), Scientists (ep17, 25), Soldiers (ep2, 11), Street Crowd (ep1), Workers (ep16-18, 24-25)
  • Chaos;Child - Additional Voices
  • Garo: Vanishing Line - Additional Voices
  • NANBAKA - Tsukumo
  • One Piece - Additional Voices
  • Orange - Additional Voices
  • The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. - Additional Voices

Web Anime - Dubbing


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