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s-CRY-ed (スクライド) is a 26 episode Japanese anime TV series, produced by Sunrise, directed by Gorō Taniguchi and written by Yōsuke Kuroda, which first aired in Japan on TV Tokyo and Animax.

English Voice Cast

Main Cast

Secondary Cast

Minor Cast

Additional Voices (Uncredited)

  • Barbara Goodson - Head Nurse (ep6), Housewife (ep12), Mother (ep10), Street Bully B (ep12), Woman A (ep6), Woman B (ep6)
  • Carrie Savage - Military Woman B (ep5)
  • Dave Wittenberg - Announcer (ep22)
  • Derek Stephen Prince - Inspector (ep1), Man B (ep2), Officer (ep1)
  • Doug Stone - Council Member (ep14), Newscaster (ep13), Worker (ep12)
  • Julie Ann Taylor - Council Member (ep14), Evacuation Announcment (ep21)
  • Kirk Thornton - Alter User (ep15), Commander of HOLY (ep6), Council Member (ep14), Mainland Officer (ep25), Man (ep5), Man A (ep2), Spectator D (ep15), Street Punk (ep1), Subordinate B (ep14), Worker (ep10)
  • Lex Lang - Council Member (ep14), Spectator C (ep15)
  • Melissa Fahn - Chuka (ep9)
  • Michael Lindsay - Subordinate D (ep14)
  • Michael McConnohie - Board Member (ep6), Chief Inspector (ep1), Interrogator (ep3), Man (ep10), Security Voice (ep3)
  • Michelle Ruff - Announcer (ep1), Announcer (ep2), Biff Goon A (ep1), Biff Goon B (ep1), Boy (ep10), Housewife, Military Woman C (ep5)
  • Mona Marshall - Boy (ep1), Military Woman A (ep5), Ming
  • Paul St. Peter - Board Member (ep6), Doctor (ep6), Guard (ep3), Operator (ep3), Operator (ep15), Spectator B (ep15), Subordinate (ep4)
  • Peter Spellos - Street Bully C (ep12)
  • Richard Cansino - HOLY Soldier (ep12)
  • Steve Kramer - Doctor (ep6), Old Man (ep1), Radio Voice (ep3), Spectator E (ep15), Worker (ep4)
  • Tony Oliver - Board Member (ep6), Doctor (ep6), HOLY Soldier (ep12), Inspector (ep1), Man (ep10), Man A (ep6), Man C (ep6), Spectator A, Street Bully A (ep12), Subordinate A (ep14), Worker (ep4)
  • Tony Pope - Doctor (ep5), Kanami's Grandfather (ep1)