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Randle Howard "Randy" Sparks (January 8, 1968 – June 26, 2011) was an American voice actor.

Anime Voice Work

Anime - Dubbing

  • A.D. PoliceKenji Sasaki
  • Anime Ganbare Goemon - Principal
  • Bubblegum Crisis: Tokyo 2040 - Commander Sparks
  • Excel Saga - Ambulance Driver (ep1), Backup Ugly Puchuus (ep7), Bandmember B (ep21), Baseball Player (ep11), Child B (Giant; ep19), Dumb Soldier (ep3), Mean Old Lady (ep8), Mutant (ep23), Police Officer (ep16), Puchau (ep22), Space Command Commander (ep22), Student (ep11), Terrorist (ep9), The Fab Sounds of the Mohawks (ep26), Additional Voices
  • Those Who Hunt Elves - Beenal, Andy, Bunny Mask
  • Those Who Hunt Elves ll - Beano (ep5), Beenal, Bunny Mask (ep8), Guild Member (ep4), Milita Man (ep2), Pig Fish (ep11), Servant (ep10), Ship’s Captain (ep5), Townsfolk (ep12), Wolf Hunter (ep7), Additional Voices

Movies - Dubbing

OVA - Dubbing


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