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R.O.D the TV is a 26-episode anime TV series, animated by J.C.Staff and produced by Aniplex, directed by Koji Masunari and scripted by Hideyuki Kurata. The series aired between October 1, 2003 and March 16, 2004 on SKY PerfecTV!. The series spanned a total of 26 episodes, and was broadcast worldwide by the anime satellite television network, Animax.

English Voice Cast

Main Cast

Secondary Cast

Minor Cast

  • Alfred Thor - Shop Owner B (ep3)
  • Alison Lees-Taylor - Marianne
  • Arthur Russell - Hotel Manager (ep9), Movie Company Rep. (ep1), Richard, Staff A
  • Bill Morgan - Toto Books Owner
  • Brittney Harvey - Tohko Shigeno
  • Bryan Bitof - Frankie, Staff (ep23)
  • Carrie Savage - Police Woman (ep7)
  • Casey Masamitsu - Child B (ep11)
  • Cheri LaBerry - Announcer (ep1)
  • Doug Stone - Bookstore Owner C (ep16), Cafe Owner (ep7), Detective, Editor B (ep10), John Smith (ep7), Shop Owner C (ep3), Staff B (ep8), Uchida (ep4)
  • Emmett Humphries - Mirror Man
  • Erica Shaffer - Cabin Attendant (ep1), Tachibana Reporter (ep3), Uemura Newscaster (ep15)
  • Freddy Douglas - Chief (ep8), David (ep26), Operator (ep12), Weber (ep5)
  • Frederick Knight - Shop Owner A (ep3)
  • Hellena Taylor - Alice Alice Arquette (ep9), Haruhi's Manager (ep10), Newscaster (ep15), Wendy's Subordinate (ep22)
  • Ivan Buckley - Assistant Chief Librarian (ep15), Sonny Wong
  • JB Blanc - Editor B (ep10)
  • J-Ray - Natsume Nishizono
  • J.C. Miller - Pilot (ep20)
  • J.E. Jaress - Old Woman (ep7)
  • Jay Klein - Ryuji Kitayama (ep6), Staff A (ep8), Warning Voice (ep12)
  • Jennifer Sekiguchi - Haruhi Nishizono
  • Jessica Gordon - Child A (ep11)
  • John E. Breen - College Student A (ep8), Kim, Leader (ep12), Superior (ep10)
  • Justin Gross - Chief (ep20)
  • Kathleen Gabriel - Information Lady (ep12), Katharine Komuro (ep10)
  • Lance J. Holt - Chief Experimenter (ep12), Hong Kong Staff (ep1)
  • Lauren Bendik - Chiho Iwata
  • Lee Everest - Drake Anderson
  • Liam O'Brien - Scholar (ep24)
  • Maggie O'Rourke - Aoi Nagai (ep10), Girl Student (ep4), Reading Club Director
  • Matthew Cadwallader - Young Detective (ep15)
  • Megan Harvey - Hisami Hishiishi
  • Michael McConnohie - Newscaster (Man; ep26), President Cole, Staff (Man; ep22), Voice of Newscaster (ep21)
  • Michelle Field - Girl Student (ep4)
  • Michelle Ruff - Airport Staff (ep15)
  • Mike McFarland - Announcer (ep24)
  • Phillip Juggs - Chief American Soldier (ep22)
  • Ralph Lister - Alex, The Prime Minister (ep18)
  • Reg Green - Chief Experimenter (ep13), Chief Researcher (ep12), Newscaster (ep17), Old Man (ep7)
  • Russell Thor - Bookstore Owner B
  • Sam Regal - Cafe Owner (ep2), Criminal (ep1), Young Owner (ep3)
  • Sammy Matisoff - Boy A (ep8)
  • Sienna Canyon - Nori Kawarazaki (ep9)
  • Steven Bendik - Tohru Okahara
  • Steven Weinstein - Warning Voice (ep13)
  • T. Axelrod - Announcer Car (ep24), Japanese Language Teacher (ep6), Police Officer (ep1), Ryuji Kitayama, Staff A (ep17), Staff B, Toastmaster
  • Tone Rodriguez - Member A (ep16)
  • William Markham - Criminal (ep1), Editor (ep3)
  • William Frederick - Bookstore Owner A, Irving (ep5)
  • Zarah Little - Cafe Staff (ep2), Harumi Mishima (ep9)