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Parasyte -the maxim- (寄生獣 セイの格率) is a Japanese anime series adapted by Madhouse from the manga series, Parasyte. It was written by Shōji Yonemura and directed by Kenichi Shimizu. The series aired in Japan on Nippon TV from October 8, 2014 until March 25, 2015. The series was simulcast by Crunchyroll outside of Asia and by Animax Asia in Southeast Asia and South Asia. Sentai Filmworks licensed the series for North America, South America, United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand release.

English Voice Cast

Main Cast

Secondary Cast

Minor Cast

  • Adam Noble - Councilman (ep10), Onlooker (ep11), Parasyte Man (ep5), Student (ep10)
  • Allison Sumrall - Civilian (ep20), Classmate (ep14), Lady Person (ep24), Nobuko Izumi, Saki (ep13)
  • Andrew Love - Dream Creatures (ep11), Uragami, Police Officer (ep10)
  • Angela Foster - Fortune Teller (ep14), Office Worker (ep19), Parasite (ep20)
  • Blake Shepard - Hideo Shimada
  • Brittany Deans - Kid (ep24)
  • Brittany Djie - Civilian (ep20), Classmate (ep14), Date Woman (ep17), Drunk Woman (ep11), Misaki (ep1), Ms. Glasses (ep19), Parasite Woman (ep5), Saki's Mom (ep13), Student (ep10)
  • Cameron Bautsch - Civilian (ep20), Onlooker (ep11), Poor Delivery Guy (ep16), Taku Furuya, Teen Boy (ep21), Young Businessman (ep24)
  • Carli Mosier - Goto's Parasite (ep23), Hikawa, Parasite (ep20)
  • Cayla Coats - Brat (ep11), Young Shinichi Izumi (ep4)
  • Christina Stroup - Civilian (ep20), Classmate (ep13), Goto's Parasite (ep23), Lady Jogger (ep17), Nakagawa (ep18), Yoko Kuramori (ep14)
  • Christopher Ayres - Councilman (ep10), Kato, Old Guy (ep15), Parasite (ep12), Pervert (ep3), Vice Principal
  • Christopher Patton - Haruki Tachikawa (ep9), Newscaster (ep1), Yakuza (ep11)
  • Clint Bickham - Cat Torturer (ep2), Student (ep10), Yakuza (ep11)
  • David Matranga - Military (ep20), Mita
  • David Wald - Mr. A
  • Emily Neves - Teacher (ep4), Student (ep10), Victim (ep2)
  • Florence Wilder - Brown Suit Man (ep14), Parasite (ep20), Parasite Man (ep2), PE Teacher, Police Officer (ep10), Police Chief (ep16), Squad Member (ep21), Yakuza (ep11), Voice (ep8)
  • Gabriel Regojo - Teacher (ep3), Thug, Yakuza (ep11)
  • George Manley - Hirama
  • Greg Ayres - Jaw
  • Hilary Haag - Akiho Suzuki
  • Houston Hayes - Civilian (ep20), Detective (ep17), Kabuki Nagai, Kobe (ep16), Riot Police (ep21)
  • Jack Ivy - Detective (eps17-18), Kamijo, Military (ep20), Naito, Police Officer (ep10), Squad Member (ep21), Yakuza (ep11)
  • James Belcher - Doctor (ep6), Takizawa
  • Jay Hickman - Shiro Kuramori
  • Joel McCray - Cat Torturer (ep2), Student (ep10), Yakuza (ep11)
  • John Gremillion - Husband (ep1), Police Officer (ep10), Takeshi Hirokawa (ep9)
  • John Swasey - Councilman (ep10), Detective (ep6), Katsumata, Police Officer (ep10), Teacher (eps1, 13)
  • Josh Morrison - Yamagishi
  • Kalob Martinez - Kusano
  • Krystal LaPorte - Misaki's Mother (ep1), Mother (ep11), Nurse (ep6), Student (ep10), Teacher (ep3), Voice (ep8)
  • Kyle Colby Jones - Fukami (ep18), Kawada (ep15), Squad Member (ep21), Teen Boy (ep21), Thug (ep5), TV Show Host (ep9), Yakuza (ep11)
  • Lainee Hooks - Waitress (ep3)
  • Leraldo Anzaldua - Cat Torturer (ep2), Student (ep10), Yakuza (ep11)
  • Luis Galindo - Abe (ep15), Detective (ep17), Oda, Parasite (ep20), Squad Member (ep21)
  • Luke Patterson - Classmate (ep13), Military (ep20), Officer Schirp (ep24), Office Worker (ep19), Squad Member (ep21), Student (ep10), Thug (ep2), Yakuza (ep11)
  • Maggie Flecknoe - Kana Kimishima
  • Marcie Bannor - Ryoko Tamiya's Mother (ep4, 17), Wife (ep1), Voice (ep8)
  • Margaret McDonald - Makiko Hayase
  • Mark Mendelsohn - Kato (ep11), Office Worker (ep19), Principal, Professor (ep14)
  • Mark X. Laskowski - Mamoru Uda, Military (ep20), Mr. Sweater Vest (ep19), Old Man (ep17), Police (ep19), Reporter (ep10), Squad Member (ep21), Student (ep10), Yakuza (ep11)
  • Melissa Alatorre - Teen Victim (ep8)
  • Mike Vance - Businessman (ep1), Teacher (ep3), Yakuza (ep11), Yui (ep10)
  • Mike Yager - Mr. B (ep2), Yakuza (ep11)
  • Nathan Lopez Yakuza (ep11)
  • Ned Gayle - Baseball Player (ep9), Cop (ep22), Delivery Man (ep13), Military (ep20)
  • Paul Locklear - Sasaki, Yakuza (ep11)
  • Ricardo Contreras - Civilian (ep20), Green Tie Guy (ep21), Thug (ep13), Yakuza (ep11)
  • Rob Mungle - Kazayuki Izumi
  • Robert Meek - Civilian (ep20), Detective (ep22), Mizushima (ep19), Poor Delivery Guy (ep16), Thug (ep13)
  • Rutherford Cravens - Councilman (ep10), Detective (ep6), Maesawa, Parasite (ep20), Taoka (ep22), Teacher (ep3)
  • Samantha Stevens - Blue Sweater Lady (ep13), Civilian (ep20), Kid (ep24), Woman (ep17)
  • Sara Ornelas - Keiko (ep13), Miyake, Ms. Victim (ep15), Secretary (ep24)
  • Scott Gibbs - Date Man (ep17), Mitsuo, Nakano (ep22), Parasite (ep20), Police (ep19), Riot Police (ep21), Thug (ep2), Yakuza (ep11)
  • Shannon Reed - Military (ep20), Thug (ep5)
  • Stephen E. Moellering - Civilian (ep20), Classmate (ep13), Officer Schirp (ep24), Sato (ep18), TV Reporter (ep16)
  • Terri Doty - Yuko Tachikawa
  • Thone Tran - Subway Girl (ep3)
  • Troy Parker - Head Detective (ep10), Newscaster (ep11), Onlooker (ep11), Thug
  • Ty Mahany - Civilian (ep20), Goto's Parasite (ep23), Ito, Parasite Dog (ep1), Police Officer (ep10), Student (ep3), Tanktop (ep11), Thug (ep2), Truck Driver (ep16)
  • Vicky Baroush - Mitsuyo
  • Xero Reynolds - Goto's Parasite (ep23), Miki, Military (ep20), Student (ep10)
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