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Mr. Tonegawa: Middle Management Blues is an anime television series based on the manga series by Nobuyuki Fukumoto. It aired in Japan between July 4, 2018 and December 26, 2018, consisting of 24 episodes. The series began streaming on HIDIVE with an English dub on August 3, 2018.

English Voice Cast

Main Cast

Secondary Cast

Minor Cast

  • Adam Gibbs - Black Suit Newbie (ep10), Keiichiro (ep21), Kensai Black Suit (ep11), Movie Actor (ep21)
  • Adam Noble - Black Suit Newbie (ep10), Kensai Black Suit (ep11)
  • Allison Sumral - Chef (ep22)
  • Austin Tindle - MLM Presenter (ep8)
  • Benjamin McLaughlin - Bubbles Voice (ep7), Hyodo's Black Suit (eps12-13), MIB (eps1, 6, 14-15, 19), Prisoner Dental Problem (ep20)
  • Blake Shepard - Watanabe (ep10)
  • Cat Thomas - Laughing Boy A (ep14), Pork Waitress
  • Chris Hutchison - Odagiri
  • Courtland Johnson - Assorted Customer (ep14), Black Suit Newbie (ep10), Debtor (ep14), Festival Folk (ep15), Fried Cutlet Monster (ep9), Kensai Black Suit (ep11), MIB (eps1, 19), Old Chef Crabby (ep14), Pork Manager, Silver Alumnus (ep23), Wedding Guest (ep24), Yamamoto (ep23)
  • Crystal Ruiz - Train Announcer (ep11)
  • Dano Colon - Prisoner Poofy Hair (ep20), Yamaki (ep21)
  • David Wald - Narrator
  • Elissa Cuellar - Customer (ep22), Little Girl Odagiri (ep22), Saeko Nishiguchi
  • Elizabeth Bunch - Gluttonous Woman (ep1)
  • Gabriel Regojo - Debt-Ridden Loser (ep13), Fluffy Debtor (ep12), Hyodo's Black Suit (ep13), Koichi Hagio (ep9)
  • Gareth West - Yaotome
  • Greg Cote - Black Suit Newbie (ep10), Foreman Otsuki, Job Seeker Genuine (ep9), Kensai Black Suit (ep11)
  • Hannah Trum - Human Scum (ep4), Lazy Waitress (ep12)
  • Heidi Hinkel - Azusa, Commercial Actress (ep21)
  • Jessica Portillo - Granny Princess (ep13), Human Scum (ep4), Manly Lady (ep12), Phone Operator (ep11), Time Voice (ep5)
  • Joe Daniels - Chief Chief (ep4), Human Scum (ep4), Job Seeker Nervous (ep9), Mahjong Human (ep4), Ton
  • Joel McCray - Assorted Customer (ep14), Black Suit (ep22), Customer (ep22), Debt-Ridden Loser (ep13), Group C (ep21), Human Scum (ep4), Job Seeker Confident (ep9), Prisoner Short Bangs (ep20)
  • John Ramirez - Debt-Ridden Loser (ep13), Debtor (ep24), Hyodo's Black Suit (ep13), Job Seeker Scared (ep9), Miyamoto, Prisoner Spiky Hair (ep20)
  • John Swasey - Curly Haired Customer (ep9), Debt-Ridden Loser (ep13), Silver Alumnus (ep23), Wedding Guest (ep24), Yabe (ep23)
  • Josh Morrison - Hyodo's Black Suit (eps12-13), MIB (eps1, 6, 14-15, 18-19)
  • Jovan Jackson - Black Suit Newbie (ep10), Kensai Black Suit (ep11), Kurosaki
  • Katlyn Barr - Nurse Big Eyes (ep18)
  • Kira Vincent-Davis - Michiko (ep21)
  • Kregg Dailey - Assorted Customer (ep14), Contract Stud (ep1), MIB (eps1, 14), Numakawa
  • Kyle Colby Jones - Assorted Animal (ep13), Baseball Kid (ep12), Black Suit Newbie (ep10), Dan Quijote Jingle (ep24), Debt-Ridden Loser (ep13), Debtor (ep14), Doctor Glasses (ep18), Horse Race Announcer (ep16), Horse Trainer (ep16), Human Scum (ep4), Hyodo's Black Suit (ep13), Intercom, Isawa, Old Chef Soba (ep14), People Person (ep17), Photographer, Rugby Meathead (ep18), Shinanogawa (ep23), Silver Alumnus (ep23), Wedding Guest (ep24), Zawa Voice
  • Luci Christian - Movie Actress (ep21), Yui (ep21)
  • Mark Mendelsohn - Nakabeppu (ep23)
  • Mark X. Laskowski - Black Suit Newbie (ep10), Cutlet Customer (ep15), Debtor (ep14), Factory President (ep1), Kensai Black Suit (ep11), MIB (ep14), Sweet Potato Shill (ep15)
  • Michael Wronski - Assistant Manager (ep20), Black Suit Newbie (ep10), Group C (ep21), Kinezaki (ep11), MIB (eps1, 19)
  • Mike Haimoto - Rancher (ep16)
  • Natalie Jones - Mean Girl (ep24), Playing Kid (ep23), Server (ep18), Silver Alumnus (ep23), Waitress (ep8), Wedding Guest (ep24)
  • Ned Gayle - Assorted Customer (ep14), Customer (ep22), Cutlet Customer (ep15), Debt-Ridden Loser (ep13), Festival Folk (ep15), Group C (ep21), Human Scum (ep4), Inoue (ep8), MIB (ep19), Mahjong Human (ep4), Masked Palm Civet (ep9), Otsuki's Shadow (ep18), Prisoner Brown Hair (ep20), Street Musician (ep14), Train Announcer (ep19)
  • Patricia Duran - Kagawa (ep23), Playing Kid (ep23), Receptionist (ep24)
  • Patrick Marrero - Assorted Customer (ep14), Debt-Ridden Loser (ep13), Group C (ep21), Horse Trainer (ep16), Human Scum (ep4), Other Prisoner (ep20)
  • Patrick Poole - Assorted Customer (ep14), Festival Head (ep15), Human Scum (ep4), Laughing Boy B (ep14), Mahjong Human (ep4), Sideshow Narrator (ep24), Ueno (ep23)
  • Ricardo Contreras - Assorted Animal (ep13), Debt-Ridden Loser (ep13), Debtor (ep24), Foreman (ep21), Group C (ep21), Human Scum (ep4), Hyodo's Black Suit (ep13), Mustache Man (ep12), Other Prisoner (ep20), People Person (ep17), Rugby Meathead (ep18), Server (ep18), Snake (ep17)
  • Rob Mungle - Silver Alumnus (ep23)
  • Robert Cardenas - Assorted Customer (ep14), Debt-Ridden Loser (ep13), Human Scum (ep4), MIB (ep19), Server (ep18)
  • Samantha Stevens - Gonda's Girlfriend (ep7), Mean Girl (ep24), Okamura (ep23), Playing Kid (ep23), Silver Alumnus (ep23), Train Food Vendor (ep11), Wedding Guest (ep24)
  • Scott Gibbs - Ichijo (ep20), Maître D' (ep16), People Person (ep17)
  • Shannon Reed - Assorted Customer (ep14), Cutlet Customer (ep15), Mahjong Human (ep4), Waiter (ep14)
  • Ty Mahany - Silver Alumnus (ep23), Wedding Guest (ep24)
  • Tyler Galindo - Server (ep18)
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