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Moonlight Mile (ムーンライトマイル) is an anime based on the manga series by Yasuo Ōtagaki. It was directed by Iku Suzuki and animated by Studio Hibari. The first episode of the anime aired on Japan's WOWOW satellite network in a special advance broadcast on February 4, 2007. The regular broadcast schedule began on March 3, 2007.

English Voice Cast

Main Cast

Secondary Cast

Minor Cast

  • Allison Sumrall - Janet
  • Ann McPeters - Female Officer (ep2)
  • Beth Burns - Elizabeta Korsakov (ep5), Fatima Toure Gutu (ep1), Female Controller 2 (ep3), Female Reporter (ep4), Kim (ep7), Miyazato's Wife, Nurse (ep8), Yoshie Saruwatari
  • Blake Shepard - Pilot 2, Rescuer (ep2)
  • Bradley Denison - Pete (ep7), Reporter
  • Brandon Hearnsberger - Captain (ep8), Controller (ep6), Mikhail (ep3), Segawa (ep2), Takeuchi
  • Charlie Campbell - Chris Jefferson, Clark (ep10), Lt. Mike Brian, Male Controller 3 (ep3), Noguchi, Steve O'Brien
  • Chris Ayres - Ahmad (ep4), Bogdanovich (ep5), Joseph Vilsmaier (ep8), Oscar Eisenstein (ep12)
  • Chris Patton - Diet Member (ep10), Director (ep6), Dr. Saneatsu (ep2), Government Military Commander (ep4), Nagatani
  • Christine Auten - Miyazato's Son, Narrator
  • David Wald - General Wakain (ep12), ISA Japan Officer (ep4), Jacob (ep12), Male Controller 1 (ep3), Staff Member 2 (ep3), Tarkovsky (ep5), Thomas
  • Hilary Haag - Chika Sawamura, Female Controller 1 (ep3), Isabelle Dougnac (ep3), Tracy Jefferson (ep3)
  • Jessica Boone - Bosha Rodzinski, Flora Beaumarchais (ep1), Tanya (ep5)
  • John Swasey - Aircraft Carrier Soldier (ep4), Foreman, Horner (ep7), Ivan Prochnow, Robert, Souichirou Saruwatari
  • Josh Grelle - Capote (ep6), Douglas, Kazuhiko (ep5), Kosuke Sawamura, Male Controller 2 (ep3), Staff Member 3 (ep3), Tom (ep1)
  • K.C. Jones - Kuramochi
  • Kira Vincent Davis - Akemi Saruwatari (ep1), Connie Wong (ep3)
  • Kyle Jones - Franklin (ep7)
  • Luci Christian - Moera Jefferson (ep3)
  • Marty Fleck - Male Controller 4 (ep3), Old Man, Soderbergh, Tribal Leader (ep4)
  • Mike Kleinhenz - Aircraft Carrier Commander (ep4), Construction Worker 5 (ep2), Executive 2 (ep2)
  • Mike McFarland - Chris Jefferson (ep3), Construction Worker 2, Pilot 1
  • Mike Vance - Construction Worker 1, Warren Smith
  • Monica Rial - Maria, Rachel (ep6)
  • Paul Locklear - Construction Worker 4 (ep2), Fisherman (ep11), Flight Instructor (ep1), Gainsbourg, Staff Member 1 (ep3), Truman (ep6)
  • Phil Ross - Construction Worker 3, Executive 1 (ep2)
  • Rob Mungle - Alan, Paulo De Roche, President Jim McDowell, Rescue Leader (ep2), Roberto (ep6), Scott (ep7)
  • Serena Varghese - Ali (ep4), Carol Burns (ep6)
  • Tiffany Grant - Akemi Saruwatari, Connie Wong, Narrator

Additional Voices

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