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Monster is an anime based on the manga series by Naoki Urasawa. It was adapted into an anime by Madhouse, which aired between April 2004 and September 2005 on Nippon TV. It was directed by Masayuki Kojima and written by Tatsuhiko Urahata, it features original character designs by long-time Studio Ghibli animator Kitarō Kōsaka which were adapted for the anime by Shigeru Fujita.

The anime includes an instrumental theme by the Chilean folk music group Quilapayún, "Transiente", which originally appeared on their 1984 album Tralalí Tralalá. David Sylvian was commissioned to write the ending theme, "For the Love of Life", on which he collaborated with Haishima Kuniaki.

The English dub of Monster is produced by Salami Studios for Viz Media, who has the North American license to the anime.

English Voice Cast

Main Cast

Secondary Cast

Minor Cast

  • Barbara Goodson - Mrs. Fortner, Mrs. Henkel (ep2), Mrs. Jalka (eps44, 46, 49), Olda (ep48), Teacher (ep44)
  • Beau Billingslea - Milan Kolasch (ep62)
  • Bill Kessler - Chief Nepela
  • Brigitte Burdine - Margot Langer
  • Caitlin Glass - Beate (eps5-6), Librarian (eps33-34)
  • Cam Clarke - Richard Braun
  • Christopher Smith - Detective (ep14), Dr. Geitel (ep5), Jail Officer (ep23), Martin (eps26, 29-30), News Reporter, Prison Officer Heading to Dr. Dürer (ep52), Ruhenheim Police Chief (eps68-69), Schumann's Messenger (eps13, 51), Turk D (ep17), Witness B (ep61), Wolf's Subordinate (ep16)
  • Cindy Robinson - Boy's Mother (ep33), Librarian (ep35), Young Martin (ep33), News Reporter (ep44), Waitress (ep32)
  • Colleen O'Shaughnessey - Wim Knaup
  • Dan Woren - BKA Office Worker B (ep48), Detective B (ep18), Dr. Eisen (eps1-2), Hans Georg Schuwald, Messner, Newscaster (ep10), Officer A (ep11), Paramedic (ep46), Police Officer B (ep20), Pub Owner (ep70)
  • Dave Mallow - Peter Capek
  • David Lodge - Dr. Schumann (eps13, 51), Eisler Memorial Director (ep8), Hans' Friend (ep28), Inspector Egon Weissbach (eps2-3, 63), Inspector Kohl (ep19), Judge (ep52), Kunz, Pickup Truck Driver (eps8-9), Tenma's Interrogator B (eps52-53), Yamamoto (ep35)
  • David Vincent - Bar Patron (ep16), Businessman (ep14), Detective A (ep18), Head Police Officer (ep1), Neo-Nazi Arsonist (ep17), Police Officer A (ep20), Reporter B (ep7)
  • Dean Wein - Frankfurt Police Inspector (eps63, 65)
  • Derek Stephen Prince - Baby's Subordinate (ep17), Press Reporter A (ep57), Real Estate Agent (ep11)
  • Dorothy Elias-Fahn - Minh (ep62), Nurse (ep66)
  • Doug Erholtz - Arno (ep61), Cameraman (ep44), Cop B (ep57), Herbert, Illegal Arms Dealer (ep60), Otto Heckel, Press Reporter B (ep57)
  • Doug Stone - Bergbach, Checkpoint Officer (ep7), Crime Scene Policeman (ep43), Escapee Guiding the Survivors (ep71), Frankfurt Train Station Janitor (ep60), Galbreckt (ep40), Gauk's Secretary (ep28), Hess (eps8, 51), Man in Castle (ep6), Mr. Buchner (ep3), Mr. Hertz (ep29), Mustafa (ep62), Officer ID'ing the Heinich's (ep73), Press Reporter C (ep44), Priest (eps3, 30), Schone (ep13), Turkish Merchant (ep15), Zeman's Secretary (ep42), Zoback
  • Grant George - Arson Investigator A (ep57), Bodyguard A (ep64), Detective Batela, Detective Stransky (ep51), Gunther Milch's Interrogator (ep52), Laufer (ep70), News Reporter (ep62), Officer Speaking to Insp. Lunge (ep73), Waiting Room Man #3 (ep51)
  • Heather Halley - Edda (ep59), Mrs. Hesse (eps30, 37), News Reporter (ep73), Young Martin (eps59-60)
  • Hunter MacKenzie Austin - Helene (ep54), Woman in the Bakery (ep5)
  • Isaac C. Singleton, Jr. - Peter Jürgens (eps19, 29)
  • J. Nathan Nagel - Mintag (ep14)
  • Jamie Seibert - The Twins' Father (ep66)
  • Jamieson K. Price - Deutsche Zukunft Newspaper Publisher (ep46), Gossiper A (ep36), Gunther Milch's "Legal Counsel" (ep53), Hugo Bernhardt, Mr. Lintner
  • Jason C. Miller - Bar Patron A (ep15), BKA Office Worker A (ep48), Max Steindorf (ep10), Murder Convict (ep35), Neo-Nazi Member (ep17), Wolf's Subordinate C (ep16)
  • JB Blanc - English Husband (ep20)
  • Jessica George - Mrs. Hillman
  • Jessica Straus - Milos, Prostitute (eps15-17)
  • Joe DiMucci - Deniz (ep17), Hartmann (eps11-12)
  • Joe J. Thomas - Farmer (ep65), Henich, Serial Killer (ep63)
  • Julie Ann Taylor - Young Johann, Lotte Frank, Nurse (eps1-2), Nurse at Jakub Zima Memorial Hospital (ep47), Prostitute B (ep49)
  • Kaiji Tang - Detective at Düsseldorf Police Station (ep63), Horst Grossman (ep67)
  • Kevin Brief - Inspector Filip Zeman (ep42)
  • Kevin Seymour - Dr. Takahashi (ep35), Gehrmann (eps33, 37-38), Hotel Manager (ep23), Picture Book Maniac (ep69), Restaurant Owner (ep36), Vietnamese Elder (ep34)
  • Kirk Thornton - Doctor (ep11), Dr. Oppenheim, Düsseldorf Reporter (eps1, 53), Edda's Ex-boyfriend (ep59), Gross (ep10), Gunther Milch, Heitmaier (ep24), Lunge's Subordinate (ep4), Mr. Liebert (ep35), Policeman (ep3), Reporter A (ep7), Taxi Driver (ep56), The Baby
  • Kirsten Potter - Barbara Mueller
  • Kyle Hebert - Maurer, Mourning Father (ep71), Officer Securing East Side (ep73), Police Officer (ep1), Verdemann
  • Laura Bailey - Jail Guard (ep23), Mrs. Holmer (ep28), Mrs. Suk's Nurse (ep48)
  • Lauren Landa - Young Milan, The Twins' Mother (ep66)
  • Lee Everest - Goedelitz (ep15)
  • Mari Devon - Farmer's Wife (ep66), Jan Suk's Mother
  • Marianne Miller - Young Peter
  • Megan Hollingshead - Front Desk Nurse (ep4), Michael's Teacher (ep5), News Reporter (ep10), Nurse (ep3), Reporter (ep1), Richard's Ex-Wife (eps27, 29)
  • Melissa Fahn - Dancer (ep64)
  • Melissa Mabie - Nurse
  • Melodee M. Spevack - Anna (ep41), Blonde-Haired Nurse (ep2), Elna Tiess (eps11-12), Mrs. Liebert (ep35), Mrs. Lintner, Patient in Wheelchair (ep8), Tenma's Former Patient (ep51), Woman (ep5)
  • Melora Harte - Old Woman (ep22), Petra (eps13, 52)
  • Michael McConnohie - Bar Patron B (ep15), Barkeep (ep13), Dr. Boyer (eps1-2), Franz Bonaparta, Franz Bonaparta (ep51), Lead Investigator (ep22), Police Chief Hamrik, Prague Policeman (ep50), Professor Kronecker, Rosso (ep18), Tenma's Interrogator A (ep52), Train Conductor (ep40), Turk C (ep17)
  • Michael Sinterniklaas - Detective Jan Suk
  • Michael Sorich - Analyzer (ep43), Bartender (ep10), Cop A (ep57), Detective Novak (ep45), Florist (ep5), Heinz's Chief (ep13), Man on Street (ep44), Mr. Fortner, Officer (ep8), Press Reporter B (ep3), Publishing House President (ep48), Trunka, Turk with Twisted Ankle (ep17)
  • Michelle Ruff - Aishe (eps15-16), Head Housemaid's Daughter (ep28), Karl's Caretaker (ep3), Maurer's Secretary (ep6), Nurse (ep2), Nurse #2 (ep12), Pionere (ep13), Turkish Woman (ep1)
  • Mike McFarland - Michael Mueller
  • Patrick Seitz - Detective (ep3), Doctor (ep1), News Reporter (eps1-2), Telephone Reporter (ep7), Wolf's Subordinate B (eps16-17, 57)
  • Paul St. Peter - BKA Chief, Detective (ep17), East German DoC Ex-official (ep11), Police Chief (ep7), Pub Owner (ep23), Trucker (ep20), Turk B (ep17)
  • Peter Beckman - General Helmut Wolfe
  • Peter Lurie - Karel Ranke, Robbie (eps58-60)
  • Philece Sampler - Young Christof (ep65), Elderly Woman (eps68-69)
  • R. Martin Klein - Old Man in the Forest (ep32)
  • Reuben Langdon - Dectective Zanda (ep45)
  • Richard Cansino - Alcoholic (ep51), Chaperone (ep42), Detective Janacek, Dr. Neuer (eps1-2), Prison Escort Officer (eps52-53), Vacant Hotelier (ep68)
  • Robin Rhodpa - Lunge's Daughter
  • Roger Craig Smith - Eva's Ex-boyfriend (ep23), Giebel (ep25), Martin, University Student C (ep25)
  • Sam Riegel - Constantine (ep32), Gossiper C (ep36), Killer (ep31), Pedestrian B (ep28), Peter, Press Reporter A (ep3), Red Light District Patron (ep49), Toshio Iwai
  • Spike Spencer - Rheinhart Dinger (ep63)
  • Stephanie Sheh - Clara (eps5-6), Müller Sausage Vendor (eps68-71), Prostitute C (ep49), St. Bardejov Orphanage Caretaker (ep49), Tung (ep62), Young Vietnamese Doctor (eps24, 34, 51)
  • Steve Kramer - Bakery Seller (ep5), Crime Scene Guard (ep3), Dr. Heinemann, Farobek, Konrad, Nepela's Secretary (ep48), Officer Speaking to Dr. Gillen (ep73), Petrov (eps40-41), Press Reporter B (ep44), Pub Patron A (ep70)
  • T. Axelrod - Adolf Junkers
  • Tony Oliver - Dark Blue Suit Reporter (ep7), Drunk Passenger on Train (ep58), Lunge's Subordinate (eps36, 39), Truck Driver (ep56), Wounded Man (ep70)
  • Travis Willingham - Christof Sievernich, Eva's Gardener (ep14), Officer Taking Herbert into Custody (ep73), Pub Patron D (ep70)
  • Troy Baker - Heinz (ep13), Jaromir Lipsky
  • Vic Mignogna - Gustav Milch (ep54), Hotel Receptionist (ep55), Hubert (ep51), Investigator Going Over Reception List (ep63), Police Inspector's Messenger (ep65)
  • Victoria Harwood - English Wife (ep20)
  • Wendee Lee - Antonin, Blonde Boy (ep29), Lunge's Nurse (ep22), Lunge's Wife (ep14), Margot Langer (Fake), Martin's Mother (eps59-60), Old Woman (ep11), Shemel (ep62)
  • William Frederick - Blind Old Man (ep5), Gossiper B (ep36), Hospital Patient (ep8)
  • Yuri Lowenthal - Arson Investigator B (ep57), Inspector Kohl's Subordinate (ep19), Karl Neumann

Additional Voices