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Mobile Suit Gundam The Movie II Soldiers of Sorrow 1999 VHS Cover

Mobile Suit Gundam: The Movie II - Soldiers of Sorrow (機動戦士ガンダム II 哀・戦士編) is an anime film based on the 1979 series Mobile Suit Gundam; the second in a trilogy of compilation movies retelling the events of the series. It was released in Japan on July 11, 1981 and in North America on VHS on September 28, 1999.

English Voice Cast[]

Main Cast[]

Secondary Cast[]

Minor Cast[]

  • Keith Anthony - Acous, Big Tray Engineer, Char's Pilot, Jaburo Dock Loader, M'Quve's Subordinate
  • Stephen Apostolina - Callahan, Examining White Base Engineer (one loop), Humrau, Job John, Sleggar Law
  • Kirk Baily - Belfast Base Operator, Gallop Ensign
  • Steve Blum - Jaburo Base Operator B, Old Arabian Man, Pearson, Surprised White Base Engineer
  • Steve Bulen - Boone's Officer, Elran, Gallop Soldier C, Tachi O'Hara, Seki
  • Richard Cansino - Antonio Callas, Connolly, Jaburo Base Soldier, Uragang
  • Richard Epcar - Desert Bartender, Mining Base Operator
  • Eddie Frierson - Akahana, Craft
  • Brian George - Carioca, Chief of Staff at Jaburo, E.F.F. Chief Engineer, Gallop Soldier B, Jaburo Base Operator A, Vammas
  • R. Martin Klein - Big Tray Technician, Civil Service Magistrate, Omur Fang, Horn
  • Sherry Lynn - Kolin, Milly Ratokie
  • Dave Mallow - Boraskyniv, Injured White Base Crewmate, Mad Angler Operator, Medea Pilot, Revil's Subordinate, Zeygan
  • Michael McConnohie - Directive White Base Engineer, Zaku Pilot at Jaburo
  • Steve McGowan - B-3 Outpost Scout A, Clamp, Ramsey, Kai Shiden (one loop)
  • Diane Michelle - Nurse Colleen
  • Matthew K. Miller - Mulligan, Obedient Crewmate, Stetch, White Base Dock Loader
  • Jeff Nimoy - Bicycle Owner, Communicating Belfast Officer, Greeting Belfast Officer, Madison
  • Tony Pope - Big Tray Soldier, Gallop Soldier A, Jaburo Lieutenant, Job John (one loop), Koka Lassa
  • Marlene Sharp - Gil Ratokie
  • Doug Stone - B-3 Outpost Scout B, Adm. Gopp
  • Kirk Thornton - Big Tray Officer, Examining White Base Engineer (one loop), Ivanov, Jaburo Team Leader, Ortega, Sagred, White Base Dock Loader (one loop)

Minor Cast (via Archive Audio)[]



  • The English dub of this movie and its comtemporaries has never been included on any U.S. release outside of the original VHS, likely due to the poor reception of the Trilogy's voice direction.
  • Bill Timoney is credited as "Stan Stills" in the movie, but does not appear as any characters.