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Midnight Sleazy Train DVD Cover

Midnight Sleazy Train (最終痴漢電車) is an OVA anime series. The series consists of 3 episodes and was released between September 25, 2002 and February 25, 2003. The series contains adult content.

Japanese Voice Cast

English Voice Cast

  • Tippi Brailles
  • Rich Buckloid - Amano
  • Peter Reilly
  • Octavio Sifuentes
  • Lexi James
  • Maddie Kim
  • Ashley George
  • Lisa Trail - Reiko Hayama, Schoolgirl (ep1)
  • Mary Saunders - Reiko Hayama, Schoolgirl (ep1)
  • Ted Glason - Makoto, Yamamoto (ep1)

Additional Voices (Uncredited)