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Mark Lancaster

Mark Lancaster (born May 25, 1978 in Lewisville, Texas, USA) is an American voice actor who has done work for FUNimation Entertainment.

Anime Voice Work

Anime - Dubbing

  • BECK: Mongolian Chop Squad - Additional Voices
  • Baki the Grappler - Kureha Shinogi, Annoyed Hanayama Enforcer A (ep6), Burly Secret Service Agent (ep29), Gossiping Soldier A (ep46), Student A (ep19)
  • Black Cat - Igor Planter (ep8)
  • Burst Angel - Alerting RAPT Operator A (ep24), Bailan Deputy (ep8), Bailan Operative C (ep7), Destitute Cook (ep8), Questioning Reporter B (ep12), Surprised Civilian (ep24), Taxi Man B (ep11)
  • Desert Punk - Mercenary (ep14), Additional Voices
  • Dragon Ball Z - Angry Namekian Walla (ep51), Bear Greeter (ep40) (2005 Ultimate Uncut/FUNimation dub)
    • Angry Namekian Walla (ep51), Bear Greeter (ep40), Lavender Cape Warrior Namekian (ep70) (2007 Remastered FUNimation dub)
  • Fullmetal Alchemist - Archer's Subordinate (ep32), Armstrong's Soldier A (ep44), Library Guard (ep7), Sergeant Major (ep42), Mercenary with Bayonet A (ep24), Passive Aggressive Biker A (ep25), Regretful Military Man (ep32), Rose's Follower B (ep41), Train Soldier B (ep45)
  • Gunslinger Girl - Cautious Dealer (ep1-2)
  • Kodocha - Additional Voices
  • Mushi-Shi - Additional Voices
  • One Piece - White Beret C (ep156), Additional Voices
  • Rumbling Hearts - Additional Voices
  • Samurai 7 - Mohawk
  • School Rumble - Denkiya (ep14), Tetsu (ep15), Additional Voices
  • SoltyRei - Additional Voices
  • Speed Grapher - John (ep22), Yodogawa (ep13), Additional Voices
  • The Galaxy Railways - Cyber Guard (ep14), Man A (ep14), Additional Voices
  • Trinity Blood - Pieter Vandenberg (ep6)
  • The Sacred Blacksmith - Reginald Drummond
  • Witchblade - Additional Voices

Movies - Dubbing


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