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Lucky☆Star (らき☆すた) is an anime based on the manga by Kagami Yoshimizu. The series contains twenty-four episodes and aired between April 8, 2007 and September 16, 2007 on Chiba TV. It was produced by the animation company Kyoto Animation and directed by Japanese animation director Yutaka Yamamoto for the first four episodes, but was replaced by Yasuhiro Takemoto from episode five on.

English Voice Cast

Main Cast

Secondary Cast

Minor Cast

  • Bridget Hoffman - Inori Hiiragi, Yukari Takara
  • Crispin Freeman - Anchor (ep14), Boy A (ep13), Boy B (ep11), Clerk Sugita, Cosplay Café Customer (ep16), Salesperson A (ep12), Salesperson D (ep12)
  • Derek Stephen Prince - Anchor A (ep8), Anchor B (ep8), Announcer (ep17), Brenda (ep15), Bus Announcer (ep10), Bus Tour Guide (ep21), Cafeteria Lady (Elder; ep8), Cafeteria Lady (Younger; ep8), Cherry, Clerk (ep9), Clerk (ep17), Clerk (ep23), Comic Market Staff B (ep12), Cooking Researcher (ep12), Cooking Teacher (ep5), Couple (Female; ep9), Cousins (ep13), Customer (ep2), Deer Boss (ep21), Delinquent (ep3), Drunk (ep3), First Runner (ep8), Game Voice A (ep20), Game Voice B (ep20), Game Voice C (ep20), Game Voice D (ep20), Game Voice E (ep20), Game Voice F (ep20), Girl A (ep24), Girl B (ep24), Girl C (ep24), Granny (ep9), High School Girl (ep3), Host (ep19), Hostess (ep19), Hosts (ep21), Loli Teacher (ep3), Passerby (ep9), Passerby (Female; ep8), Performer (ep5), Receptionist (ep10), Register (ep8), Reporter (ep20), Salesperson B (ep12), Salesperson C (ep12), Salesperson E (ep12), Second Runner A (ep8), Second Runner B (ep8), Student A (ep21), TV (Man; ep2), TV Announcer (ep23), Teacher (ep1), Teacher (ep8), Third Runner A (ep8), Third Runner B (ep8), Voice in Game (ep3), Waiter (ep14), Yankee (ep2)
  • Dorothy Elias-Fahn - Clerk 2 (ep13), Matsuri Hiiragi, Voice from Game (ep2)
  • Johnny Yong Bosch - Boy Student (ep18), Daisuke Ono, Reporter (ep19), Student B (ep21)
  • Kyle Hebert - Boy A (ep11), Clerk (ep11), Clerk A, Couple (Male; ep9), Participant B (ep12), Student (ep10), TV Personality (ep10), TV Reporter (ep12), TV Voice A (ep11)
  • Lara Jill Miller - Misao Kusakabe
  • Lex Lang - Host (ep19), Meito Anisawa, Santa Claus (ep11), TV Host (ep12), TV Voice (ep18)
  • Megan Hollingshead - Gottoza sama (ep23)
  • Michelle Ruff - Minori Chihara (ep12), Nagato Waitress (ep16)
  • Patricia Ja Lee - Patricia Martin
  • Peggy O'Neal - Ayano Minegishi, Clerk 3 (ep13), Ichiko (ep18), Miki Hiiragi
  • Philece Sampler - Hiyori Tamura
  • Rebecca Olkowski - Hikage Miyakawa (ep24), Kanata Izumi (ep22)
  • Richard Epcar - AD (ep21), Anchor Man (ep19), Announcer (ep8), Annoying Customer (ep12), Asian Indian (ep21), Baseball Broadcaster (ep19), Big Guy (ep5), Boy A (ep24), Boy B (ep24), Boy C (ep24), Boy D (ep24), Boy E (ep24), Cameraman (ep21), Chairman (ep3), Clerk 1 (ep13), Comic Market Staff A (ep12), Cop (ep5), Dentist (ep23), Director (eps19, 22), Goal Official (ep8), Host (ep5), MC (ep23), Man (ep11), Man A (ep2), Official (ep8), Ordinary Person A (ep6), Ordinary Person B (ep6), PTA (ep8), Participant A (ep12), Passerby (Male; ep8), President Takahashi (ep12), Producer (ep22), Professor (ep6), Recorder (ep8), Seiichi Hachiya (ep21), Spiritual Counselor (ep20), TV Voice B (ep11), TV Voice C (ep11), Tadao Hiiragi, Teacher (ep2), Teacher (ep7), Teacher (ep24), Voice of Game Character (ep3)
  • Sam Riegel - Narration (ep6)
  • Tony Oliver - Clerk B
  • Vic Mignogna - Boy B (ep13), Camera Boy A (ep16), Gamers Clerk (ep14), Michael (ep15)