Log Horizon

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Log Horizon (ログ・ホライズン) is an anime based on the Japanese novel series written by Mamare Touno. It aired on NHK Educational TV between October 5, 2013 and March 22, 2014.

English Voice Cast

Main Cast

Secondary Cast

Minor Cast

  • Annie Mai - Battle Newbie (ep15), Kanako, Olive
  • April Walker - Confused Gamer (ep1)
  • Blake Shepard - Angry Cake Eater (ep22), Attendee (ep24), Enthusiastic Adventurer (ep18), Hien, Irritated Masses (ep23), Knight (ep23), NPC Son (ep11), Poor Guy (ep10), Shiyo (ep23), Smitten Adventurer (ep20)
  • Brittany Deans - Nazuna, Wooed Lady (ep7)
  • Carl Masterson - Darte
  • Cayla Coats - Hide & Seek Kid, Kid (ep21)
  • Christopher Ayres - Brigandia Jerk (ep3), Confused Adventurer (ep11), Eijiro, Food Selling Wimp (ep1), Hamelin Guy (ep8), Herald (ep11), Hungry Folk (ep7), Knight (ep13), Noble (ep13), Nobleman Bald, Shigeru, Woodstock
  • Christopher Patton - Aizel, William Massachusetts (ep9)
  • David Matranga - Roderic
  • David Wald - Girov, Kayu, Regan
  • Elise Moore - Adventurer (ep19), Cook Lady (ep7), Elissa, Isami (ep7), Overbearing Shiroe Fan (ep3)
  • Emily Neves - Lenessia, Mischa (ep5)
  • George Manley - Isaac
  • Houston Hayes - Attendee (ep24), Gossip Crew (ep25), Knight (ep23)
  • Jack Ivy - Brigandia Jerk (ep3), Confused Gamer (ep1)
  • James Belcher - Ichimon, Noble (ep13)
  • Jennifer Gilbert - Attendee (ep24), Confused Gamer (ep1), Ditz A, Gossip Crew (ep25), Irritated Masses (ep23), Kyoko (ep24), Operator Girl (ep19)
  • Jennifer Norton - Kanami
  • Joel McCray - Brigandia Jerk (ep3), Confused Adventurer (ep9), Loser Guild (ep10), Overbearing Shiroe Fan (ep3), Sign Hanger (ep7), Taro, Tom-Tom (ep3)
  • Joey Goubeaud - Angry Cake Eater (ep22), Attendee (ep24), Gossip Crew (ep21), Irritated Masses (ep23), Nobleman Pushy (ep21)
  • John Gremillion - Brigandia Jerk (ep4), Gossip Crew (ep25), Karashin, Nobleman Pomp
  • John Swasey - Arguer (ep13), Brigandia Jerk (ep3), Cat Man (ep7), Confused Gamer (ep1), Fedor (ep5), Julius (ep23), Malves, Noble (ep13), Nobleman Krendit (ep17)
  • Katelyn Barr - Angry Cake Eater (ep22), Attendee (ep24), Battle Newbie (ep15), Brigandia Jerk (ep4), Confused Gamer (ep1), Daughter (ep3), Ditz B, Hide & Seek Kid, Kid (ep21), Liliana, Operator Girl (ep19), Overbearing Shiroe Fan (ep3), Runaway Noob (ep9), Waitress (ep23)
  • Kayle Campbell - Confused Adventurer (ep9), Cosplay Hotties (ep10)
  • Krystal LaPorte - Ashlyn, Attendee (ep24), Battle Newbie (ep15), Gossip Crew (ep21), Hide & Seek Kid, Ivan (ep5), Kid (ep21), Misa, Operator Girl (ep19)
  • Kyle Colby Jones - Angry Cake Eater (ep22), Arguer (ep13), Attendee (ep24), Cat Head (ep24), Confused Adventurer (ep9), Confused Adventurer (ep11), Confused Gamer (ep1), Dandy Fop (ep13), Downtrodded Adventurer (ep6), Enthusiastic Adventurer (ep18), Feynail (ep16), Gossip Crew (ep25), Irritated Masses (ep23), Knight (ep13), Lightning (ep9), Londark, Noble (ep13), Nobleman Red (ep17), Overbearing Shiroe Fan (ep3), Pathetic Jerk C (ep1), Slurper (ep24), Teddy Bear Guy
  • Lainee Hooks - Confused Gamer (ep1), Kawara, Nemini
  • Luke Patterson - Brigandia Jerk (ep3), Confused Gamer (ep1), Dolce, Loser Guild (ep10), Overbearing Shiroe Fan (ep3)
  • Maggie Flecknoe - Arumi (ep21), Bad Girl (ep25)
  • Mark X. Laskowski - Arguer (ep13), Bar Jerk (ep23), Brigandia Jerk (ep3), Brigandia Jerk (ep4), Brigandia Jerk A (ep1), Confused Adventurer (ep9), Confused Gamer (ep1), Gatsuomaru (ep2), Knight (ep13), Nobleman Curls, Pippin (ep2), Swindler (ep7)
  • Marty Fleck - Sergiatte
  • Matt Hune - Adventurer (ep19), Brigandia Jerk (ep3), Confused Gamer (ep1), Gossip Crew, Smitten Adventurer (ep20), Sojiro
  • Meg McDonald - Isuzu, Runaway Noob (ep9)
  • Mike Vance - Angry Cake Eater (ep22), Attendee (ep24), Brigandia Jerk (ep4), Confused Adventurer (ep9), Confused Adventurer B (ep2), Confused Gamer (ep1), Cook, Dandy Fop (ep13), Downtrodded Adventurer (ep6), Eins, Enthusiastic Adventurer (ep18), Gossip Crew, Hungry Folk (ep7), Overbearing Shiroe Fan (ep3), Rezric, Smitten Adventurer (ep20), Tadasshi (ep3)
  • Mo Abou Merhi - Downtrodded Adventurer (ep6), Hungry Folk (ep7), Overbearing Shiroe Fan (ep3)
  • Ned Gayle - Brigandia Jerk (ep4), Brigandia Jerk B (ep1), Confused Adventurer (ep9), Confused Gamer (ep1), Downtrodded Adventurer (ep6), Hungry Folk (ep7), Kiliva, Loser Guild (ep10), Overbearing Shiroe Fan (ep3), Sign Hanger (ep7), Swindler (ep7), Valles (ep5)
  • Ricardo Contreras - Attendee (ep24), Bar Vigilante (ep23), Brigandia Jerk (ep4), Daimonji, Dandy Fop (ep13), Enthusiastic Adventurer (ep18), Hungry Folk (ep7), Irritated Masses (ep23), Knight (ep13), Knight (ep23), Tarabeba (ep3), Wolfy (ep19)
  • Rob Mungle - Demikas
  • Roxy Terrell - Attendee (ep24), Gossip Crew (ep21), Operator Girl (ep19), Runaway Noob (ep9), Wooed Lady (ep7)
  • Samantha Stevens - Adventurer (ep19), Asuka, Battle Newbie (ep15), Gossip Crew, Hisako (ep24), Operator Girl (ep19), Pathetic Chick (ep5), Veggie Merchant (ep1)
  • Santry Rush - Schreider
  • Sarah Salimi - Isami, Mother (ep3), Rikopin
  • Sean McManus - Angry Cake Eater (ep22), Attendee (ep24), Confused Adventurer A (ep2), Hungry Folk (ep7), Irritated Masses (ep23), Noble (ep13), Nobleman Flattery (ep21), Overbearing Shiroe Fan (ep3)
  • Shannon Reed - Bar Vigilante (ep23)
  • Shelley Calene-Black - Operator Girl (ep19)
  • Tia Ballard - Nureha
  • Ty Mahany - Angry Cake Eater (ep22), Attendee (ep24), Brigandia Jerk (ep3), Constatan, Enthusiastic Adventurer (ep18), Gossip Crew, Irritated Masses (ep23), NPC Father (ep11), Nerima Star (ep4), Smash, Smitten Adventurer (ep20)
  • Tyler Galindo - Rundel
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