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Kevin Seymour (December 25, 1958 – February 6, 2014) was an American ADR director, script writer and voice actor.

Seymour was the founder of Animaze Inc. and helmed the company until his passing in 2014. Oftentimes, he would use pseudonyms for his voice credits, though he would just as often not be credited at all. His other names included Dougary Grant, Jenny Havier, Bull Whizins, Buck Wilkins, Quint Lancaster, Kelsey Madison, B.D. Vesbite, Sven Nosgard, Rena Heinrich, E.T. Varney, Winfred Couts, and Zack Crauly.

Anime Voice Work[]

Anime - Dubbing[]

  • Cowboy Bebop - Antonio (ep1, 3, 7, 14, 17, 23), Jobim (ep1, 3, 7, 14, 17), Alerted Bouncer B (ep3), Casino Guest A (ep3), Clamoring Walla (ep22), Fleeing Crook B (ep19), Indian Man (ep9), Julius (ep12), Laughing Man Hologram (ep15), Lecherous Bar Patron C (ep7), Masquerade Waiter (ep22), Old Customer (ep18), Startled Gangster (ep1), Thrillseeker Walla (ep23), Tongpu / Mad Pierrot (ep20), Young Turk A (ep7)
  • El-Hazard: The Alternative World - Groucho, Chico (ep1), Cretarian Guard A (ep8), Harpo (ep1), Gummo (ep1), Sansuke (ep13)
  • El-Hazard: The Wanderers - Groucho, Bugrom Walla, Chico, Crombay (ep18-19), Customer A (ep6), Debating Guard C (ep19), Flying Eel (ep1), Gummo, Harpo, Nanami's Boss (ep7), Professor (ep15), Sansuke, Scavenging Bird (ep14), Sleeping Bugrom (ep22), Tenchi (ep20), Townsman A (ep13), Zeppo
  • Fist of the North Star (1984) - Cocky Warrior A (ep11), Slave Buyer E (ep10), Spear-Wielding Villager D (ep12), Warrior Victim (ep11)
  • Fushigi YûgiTama the Cat, Tomo / Ragun, Alerted Kutō Guard B (ep19), Tomo Aono (ep39-40), Eiken (ep14-15, 28), Gathered Townsfolk A (ep4), Hotohori's Attendant (ep5, 23), Konan Guardsman D (ep2), Konushi (ep42), Monster (ep42), Mourning Councilman (ep50), Neighbor (ep41), Security Guard (ep8), Strongman (ep26), Teacher B (ep1), Ying Entity (ep25), Zombie Walla (ep15)
  • Monster - Dr. Takahashi (ep35), Gehrmann (eps33, 37-38), Hotel Manager (ep2), Picture Book Maniac (ep69), Restaurant Owner (ep36), Vietnamese Elder (ep34)
  • Outlaw Star - Ctarl-Ctarl Operator C (ep3), Inn Keeper (ep2), Kei Pirate Assassin (ep1)
  • Rozen Maiden - Inspector Cat, Librarian (ep7), Motoharu Shibasaki
  • Rozen Maiden: Träumend - Inspector Cat, Motoharu Shibisaki
  • Street Fighter II V - Additional Voices3
  • Super Dimension Century Orguss - League, Narrator
  • The Third: The Girl with the Blue Eye - Barrys (ep13), Additional Voices

Anime Shorts - Dubbing[]

Movies - Dubbing[]

OVA - Dubbing[]


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