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Kamichu! (かみちゅ!) is a Japanese anime television series, strongly influenced by the Shinto religion. The series was created by Besame Mucho (ベサメムーチョ), which is the joint pen name of Tomonori Ochikoshi, Koji Masunari, and Hideyuki Kurata. It was broadcast by the anime television network Animax on its respective networks worldwide, including Japan, East Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia, where it received its first English-language broadcast.

English Voice Cast

Main Cast

Secondary Cast

Minor Cast

  • Barbara Goodson - Mitsubamaru (ep9), Woman at the Ferry Stop (ep15)
  • Brittney Harvey - Female Student 1 (ep11), Female Student A (ep15), Girl (ep5)
  • Carrie Savage - God of VHD (ep2), Tofu-chan
  • Dameon Clarke - Agent (ep4), Neko Modoki (ep2), Store Manager (ep13), Tyler (ep8)
  • Darrel Guilbeau - Goblin C (ep9), Naoto Abe (ep12)
  • Doug Stone - God of Kickboard (ep7), Store Owner (ep8)
  • Hope Villanueva - Newspaper Staff (ep10)
  • Hunter MacKenzie Austin - Goblin D (ep9)
  • J-Ray - Class President (ep15)
  • Jay D. Stone - Chibi Kaze (ep1), Tulip (ep2)
  • Jay Klein - School Principal (ep13)
  • Jenny Lindemann - God of Death (ep12)
  • Johnny Yong Bosch - Politician 1 (ep4)
  • Karen Thompson - School Girl (ep10), Woman (ep1)
  • Kristen Amicone - Girl B (ep6)
  • Lauren Bendik - Ami (ep12)
  • Liam O'Brien - Hero in Movie (ep11), Inu Osho (ep2), Konoha Kamaitachi (ep1), Pilot (ep4), School Boy (ep10), TV Caster (ep14)
  • Lily Mason - Kiyomi Noto (ep6)
  • Lucian Lee - Ukaru Nishimura (ep10)
  • Lulu Chiang - Bekogero (ep3)
  • Michael McConnohie - Battleship Yamato (ep9), Oyadama Kaze (ep1), Prime Minister, Sunfish Grandpa (ep2), Teacher B (ep10)
  • Michelle Ruff - Martian (ep4)
  • Patrick Seitz - Benshi (ep7), Cat A (ep8), Dave (ep8), English Teacher (ep15), Goblin F (ep9), Newscaster (ep4), TV Host (ep14), Teacher A (ep10)
  • Russel Thor - Mr. Gen (ep9)
  • Sam Regal - Goblin B (ep9), God of Yakisoba (ep7), Politician 2 (ep4)
  • Sam Ruddy - Goblin A (ep9)
  • Stephen Martello - God of Record (ep7), Homeroom Teacher (ep12), Koun Saegusa, Sendou Chagama
  • Talis Axelrod - Akikan Korogashi (ep1)
  • Tara Platt - Benten sama (ep12), Female Student B (ep15), Girl A (ep6), God of Kombucha (ep7), God of Tire (ep7), Grandmother (ep6), Heroine in Movie (ep11), Vice Chairman (ep10)
  • William Frederick - Chairman (ep13), Chairman of God Association, Old Fish, Samurai
  • Yuri Lowenthal - Chairman (ep10), John (The Dog; ep6), Referee (ep8)

Additional Voices (Uncredited)