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Kaleido Star 2003 DVD Cover

Kaleido Star (カレイドスター) is a Japanese anime series animated Japanese studio Gonzo. The series was created by Junichi Sato and written by Reiko Yoshida. The series aired between April 4, 2003 and March 27, 2004.

English Voice Cast

Main Cast

Secondary Cast

Minor Cast

  • Adam Jones - Cast (ep25)
  • Andy McAvin - Alain, Ben Robbins (ep19)
  • Blake Shepard - Assistant Director, MC (ep39), Performer (ep39), René (ep45), Reporter (ep47)
  • Chris Ayres - Billy, Charlie, Mike Abbot (ep34), Mr. Patrova (ep39), Performer (ep39), Troupe Leader (ep45)
  • Chris Patton - Ben Robbins (ep33), Dio, Johann (ep34), Screen Director
  • Christina Cady - Milo (ep14)
  • Christine Auten - Cast (ep25), Interviewer (ep24), Jeanne, Midori Naegino, News Correspondent (ep15), Secretary (ep22)
  • Cynthia Feaster - Cast, Clair, Pamela (ep14)
  • David Born - Ventriloquist (ep11)
  • Emily Carter-Essex - Alice, Emma, Hanna, Performer (ep39)
  • Eric Opella - Cast (ep18), Driver (ep38), Jean, News Correspondent (ep15), Performer (ep39)
  • George Manley - Herron (ep34), Park Owner
  • Greg Ayres - Andy (ep33)
  • Heath Behmer - Cameraman (ep21), Z Leader (ep22)
  • James Faulkner - Boat Captain (ep13), Mr. Policeman
  • Jason Douglas - Chikara Naegino, Mr. Kenneth, Producer, Stage Technician (ep29)
  • Jay Hickman - Thief (ep27)
  • Jessica Boone - Boy (ep35), Cast (ep18), Julie, Sophie Oswald, Younger Sister
  • John Swasey - Chef (ep31), Swordplayer (ep39)
  • Jovan Jackson - Andy Row (ep15)
  • Kayla Durham - Maria (ep33)
  • Kaytha Coker - Donna Walker (ep47), Sayaka (ep40)
  • Kelly Manison - Agent (ep7), Anna's Mom (ep11), Cast, Claire (ep36), Elena, Hotel Receptionist (ep38), Maid, Miki (ep40), Mother (ep3), Mother (ep35), Ms. Patrova (ep39), News Correspondent (ep15), Performer (ep39), Secretary (ep17)
  • Kim-Ly Nguyen - Yume Naegino (ep40)
  • Kira Vincent Davis - Little Brother B (ep37)
  • Lindsay Phend - Manami
  • Luci Christian - Barbara, Kate
  • Lydia Porto - Sheryl Robbins (ep19)
  • Mariela Ortiz - Child (ep29)
  • Mark X. Laskowski - Announcer, Attendant, Bodyguard (ep18), Cast, Employee (ep23), Instructor Male (ep2), Investor (ep24), Little Mermaid Director (ep10), Manager (ep45), Mute, Pack (ep14), Reporter (ep47), TV Anchor (ep28), TV Reporter (ep21)
  • Marty Fleck - Investor, Restaurant Owner (ep20), Tank (ep14)
  • Mike Kleinhenz - Mr. Hamilton
  • Rob Mungle - Jack Barron
  • Robin Terry - Meryl
  • Sandra Krasa - Female Student (ep38), Reporter (ep47)
  • Sasha Paysinger - Luci Robbins (ep19), Maggie (ep33), Mila (ep14)
  • Shannon Emerick - Cathy Taymor
  • Shelley Calene-Black - Anne (ep30), Flight Attendant (ep27)
  • Tammie Letroise - Dominique (ep14)
  • Tiffany Grant - Charlotte, Elder Brother, Little Brother A (ep37)
  • TJP - Arabian Nights Director (ep13), Ballet Instructor, Cast (ep25), Director, Simon Park (ep17)
  • Vic Mignogna - Arlon Brass (ep25), Ian (ep12), Investor (ep24), Master Linn (ep9)

Additional Voices