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Hellsing (ヘルシング) is an anime based on the Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Kouta Hirano. It was produced by Gonzo and directed by Umanosuke Iida. Spanning 13 episodes, it was broadcast on Japan's Fuji Television from October 10, 2001, to January 16, 2002.

English Voice Cast

Main Cast

Secondary Cast

Minor Cast

  • Akure Wall - Helena, Nurse A (ep10)
  • Ananda Banc - Attendant (ep3), Jessica (ep2), Woman Ghoul
  • Arthur Russell - Chris Pickman (ep9), Harry Anders, Member of Parliament (ep6), Sir Peter Winfield (ep1)
  • Bang Liang Zheng - Chinese Soldier (ep8)
  • Bo Chung - Army Soldier
  • Chris Pooley - Vampire (ep4)
  • Craig Young - Paul Wilson, TV Newscaster
  • Gildirt Jackson - Chris Pickman, Subordinate B (ep10)
  • Hisato Masuyama - Enrico (ep3)
  • Isaac C. Singleton Jr. - Incognito
  • J.B. Blanc - Clergyman (ep1), Enrico Maxwell (ep7), Science Expert (ep8)
  • Jason C. Miller - Army Soldier (ep13), Hellsing Member, Servant (ep12)
  • Jennifer Sekiguchi - Female Vampire (ep5), Waitress (ep5)
  • Jerry Chu - Police Officer in Helicopter (ep8)
  • Jin Horikawa - Test Subject (ep8)
  • John E. Breen - Anthony (ep2), David (ep5), Lieutenant, Sir Hellsing (ep10)
  • Josh Phillips - Jan Valentine
  • Li Xing Qin - Chinese Man (ep8)
  • Michael Marr - Second Lieutenant Parker (ep9), Sir Islands
  • Michael Parker - Doctor (ep10), Squad Leader (ep5), Steadler (ep4)
  • Pam Susslin - Kim, PA Voice (ep3)
  • Patrick Seitz - Luke Valentine
  • Paul Roberts - Host Vampire (ep7)
  • Peter Gail - Gareth
  • Phillip Reese - Mason (ep7)
  • Ralph Lister - M15 Chief (ep5)
  • Roland E. Barrow - Messenger (ep12), Subordinate A (ep10)
  • Siobhan Flynn - Hellsing Intelligence Operative (ep7), Laura (ep9)
  • Steven Brand - Doctor (ep3), Paladin Alexander Andersong, Richard (ep10)
  • Stuart MacLean - Boz (ep4), Kim's Superior (ep4), Sir Penwood
  • Sue Cremin - Nurse B (ep10), Woman's Voice (ep11)
  • T. Axelrod - Army Helicopter Pilot (ep13), Army Soldier (ep13), Assistant (ep3), Hellsing Member 1 (ep4), Hellsing Member A (ep7), Jack (ep1), Leif (ep2), Radio Voice (ep12)
  • Tricia Dickson - Servant (ep12), Young Integra (ep10)