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Hannah Alcorn

Hannah Cassidy Alcorn (born November 26, 1986 in Harris County, Texas, USA) is an American voice actress appearing in ADV Films and Seraphim Digital titles.

Anime Voice Work

Anime - Dubbing

  • Blue Drop - Michiko Kozuki
  • Dragon Ball - Herder's Son (ep46), Papaya Pedestrian A (ep133), Yamcha's Fanclub Member C (ep44) (2001 FUNimation dub)
  • Dragon Ball Z - Blonde Woman (ep21), East City Daughter (ep21) (2005 Ultimate Uncut/FUNimation dub)
    • Blonde Woman (ep21), East City Daughter (ep21) (2007 Remastered FUNimation dub)
  • Hunter × Hunter - Female Receptionist (ep29), Additional Voices
  • Magikano - Marin Najihara, Additional Voices
  • Outbreak Company - Luna (ep10), Mean Girl (ep1), Ms. Cash Register (ep 7)
  • Tears to TiaraRiannon
  • The Wallflower - Sunako Nakahara, Captain Wing (ep15)


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