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Grimoire of Zero is an anime television series based on the light novel series by Kakeru Kobashiri. It aired in Japan between April 10 and June 26, 2017. Sentai Filmworks released the series in North America on June 26, 2018.

English Voice Cast

Main Cast

Secondary Cast

Minor Cast

  • Carl Masterson - Knight (ep5), Old Hunter (ep1), Sorcerer (ep12)
  • Chaney Moore - Infidel (ep8), Kid Dark Red Hair (ep4), Slave Lady (ep3), Sorcerer (ep11), Villager (ep1), Villager Maroon Dress (ep2), Witch (ep12)
  • Greg Cote - Hoodlum (ep1), Kingdom Knight (ep7), Knight (ep8), Servant (ep9), Sorcerer (eps5, 12), Sorcerer Chin (ep11), Villager (eps1-2)
  • James Belcher - Knight (ep8), Priest (ep1), Sergeant (ep5), Sorcerer Old (ep10), Villager (ep2)
  • Jay Hickman - Angry Husband (ep8), Deer Beastfallen (ep7), Narrator, Secretary (ep12), Servant (ep9)
  • Jeremy Gee - Farmer Tomato (ep2), Mercenary Voices (ep5), Rogue Witch (ep7), Soldier Guy, Sorcerer (eps10, 12), Villager (ep1)
  • Joanne Bonasso - Ghost (ep11), Mercenary's Mother (ep1), Pink Demon Fairy (ep1), Sorcerer (ep11)
  • Joe Daniels - Baker (ep4), Bowman (ep8), Innkeeper Black Vest (ep3), Liquor Salesman (ep7), Sorcerer (ep5), Sorcerer Brown, Villager (eps1-2)
  • Joel McCray - Innkeeper Prettyboy (ep3), Mercenary Voices (ep5), Servant (ep9), Sorcerer (eps11-12), Tiger Beastfallen (ep7), Villager (ep1)
  • John Gremillion - Church Knight (ep7), Inspector Mustache, Mercenary Voices (ep5), Mustache Merchant (ep1), Sorcerer (ep11)
  • John Ramirez - Noble Fop, Sorcerer (ep11), Villager (ep1)
  • John Swasey - Bear Beastfallen (ep3), Knight (ep8), Pig Beastfallen (ep7), Sorcerer Dead Meat (ep5)
  • Josh Morrison - Cow Beastfallen (ep7), General, Innkeeper Old Man (ep3), Mercenary's Father (ep1), Sorcerer (ep10), Villager (ep2)
  • Kalin Coates - Baby Albus (ep8), Ghost (ep11), Kid Light Red Hair (ep4), Little Girl (ep12), Young Mercenary (ep1)
  • Katelyn Barr - Ghost (ep11), Infidel (ep8), Rogue Witch (ep7), Shop Girl (ep3), Sorcerer (ep11), Villager (eps1-2), Witch (ep12)
  • Kim Prauss - Rochelle (ep7), Shop Girl (ep3), Witch (ep12)
  • Kyle Colby Jones - Badger Jerk (ep4), Frog Beastfallen (ep7), Hoodlum (ep1), Looter Scar (ep5), Sorcerer (ep11), Villager (eps1-2)
  • Luci Christian - Ghost (ep11), Infidel (ep8), Kid Green Vest (ep4), Lady of the Evening (ep1), Slave Lady (ep3), Sorcerer (ep11), Villager (ep2)
  • Luis Galindo - The King, Villager (ep1), Villager Bald (ep2)
  • Marcy Bannor - Granny Long Braid (ep2)
  • Margaret Lewis - Sorcerer Braid
  • Mark X. Laskowski - Black Bear, Fat Bald Creep, Hoodlum (ep1), Knight (ep8), Rogue Witch (ep7), Sorcerer (eps5, 11), Villager (ep2)
  • Melissa Pritchett - Sorena
  • Michael Wronski - Hoodlum (ep1), Knight (ep8), Mercenary Voices (ep5), Soldier Dude, Sorcerer (eps10-12), Villager (eps1-2)
  • Natalie Jones - Lady of the Evening (ep1), Slave Lady (ep3), Witch (ep12)
  • Ned Gayle - Servant Boy, Sorcerer (eps11-12), Villager (eps1-2)
  • Patrick Marero - Hoodlum (ep1), Sorcerer (ep11)
  • Ricardo Contreras - Ebelboar, Hoodlum (ep1), Sorcerer (ep11), Villager (ep2), Wolf Monster (ep12)
  • Rob Mungle - Village Mayor (ep2)
  • Shannon Reed - Man Stupid Facial Hair (ep8), Sorcerer (eps5, 11-12), Villager (eps1-2)
  • Steven Fenley - Knight (ep5), Rochelle's Father (ep7), Servant (ep9), Villager (eps1-2)