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Great Conquest The Romance of Three Kingdoms Poster

Great Conquest: The Romance of Three Kingdoms is an anime movie. It was released in 1992.

English Voice Cast

  • Pat Morita - Narrator
  • Doug Stone - Gen. Liu Bei
  • Mike Reynolds - Gen. Tung Cho
  • Barbara Goodson - Liu Bei's Mother, Leaving Servant 2
  • Joan Carol O'Connell - Li-Hua
  • Jeff Winkless - Cheng Kung, Tao Chen, Bounty Hunter 1, Ts'ao Ts'ao's Father
  • Joyce Kurtz - Additional Voices
  • Michael Forest - Cpt. Ts'ao Ts'ao
  • Kerrigan Mahan - Horse Trader's Associate, Soldier Asking for Identification, Liu Bei's Co-Worker, Yellow Turban Archer, Additional Voices
  • John Tremaine - Officer Unimpressed with Volunteers 2, Tu Yu's Subordinate 1, Soldier Reporting to Sun Chien 1, Prophet
  • Cam Clarke - Eldest Chuko Brother
  • David Povall - Gen. Chang Liao, Lu Pu's Father
  • Kirk Thornton - Gift Recipient 1, Urgent Dispatch Relayer, Traitorous Sentry, Aide to Li-Hua's Father, Enforcer of Peddling Laws 2
  • Michael McConnohie - Lt. Chang Fei, Dying Rebel Victim
  • Bob Bergen - Middle Chuko Brother
  • Brianne Siddall - Kuan Yu's Student 1, Young Ts'ao Ts'ao, Liang Chuko, Additional Voices
  • Gregory Snegoff - Lt. Kuan Yu, The Other Ts'ao Ts'ao Advisor
  • Steve Kramer - Wang Yun, Kuo Chia, Ts'ao Ts'ao's Uncle, Soldier Reporting to Sun Chien 2, Leaving Servant 1, Officer Unimpressed with Volunteers 1, Ts'ao Ts'ao's Battle Aide, Concerned Villager, Additional Voices
  • Edie Mirman - Ts'ao Ts'ao's Aunt
  • Steve Bulen - Lu Pu 2, Checkpoint Guard, Boobytrap Victim, Youth Specialist, Additional Voices
  • Melora Harte - Gift Recipient 2, Chuko Mother
  • Richard Epcar - Yellow Turban Officer
  • Tom Wyner - Mi Li, Insp. Tu Yu, Lu Pu 1, Li-Hua's Father, Sun Chien, Horse Trader, Enforcer of Peddling Laws 1, Bounty Hunter Sending for Backup, Additional Voices


  • Carl Macek - Prostitute Peddler, Plea to Ts'ao Ts'ao, Tu Yu's Subordinate 2