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Gasaraki 1998 DVD Cover

Gasaraki (ガサラキ) is a mecha anime television series produced by Sunrise. It was directed by Ryousuke Takahashi, who also co-created the series along with Sunrise and was assisted by Goro Taniguchi. The screenplay was written by Toru Nozaki. The series aired between October 4, 1998 and March 28, 1999, consisting of 25 episodes.

English Voice Cast

Main Cast

Secondary Cast

Minor Cast

  • Andrew Klimko - Atsushi Kitazawa, Gowa Operator (ep1), Jun Kitazawa, Kiyouwakai Traitor (ep19), Monk (ep15), US Fake Pilot 2 (ep17), Watanabe Clan (ep15)
  • Andy McAvin - Tsuna Watanabe
  • Bill Ross - Newscaster (ep2), Staff Exec. Officer (ep3)
  • Bob Biggerstaff - Anchorman A (ep5), Gowa Operator (ep1), Journalist (ep3), Major Shibasaki, Newscaster (ep2), Newscaster (ep17), Taniguchi, Watanabe Clan (ep15)
  • Bob Elliot - Man In Suit 4 (ep2), Old Husband (ep9), Prime Minister, Tank Crew (ep3)
  • Brian Granveldt - Belgistan Soldier (ep4), Gowa Operator B (ep9), Newscaster (ep17), Recovery Team (ep10), Symbol Operator, TA Pilot (ep18), Tank Crew (ep3), Watanabe Clan (ep15)
  • C. Markham Anderson - Kiyomu Yonetani, Symbol Commander (ep3), Symbol Operator (ep1)
  • Carol Matthews - Journalist (ep3), News Anchor (ep4), Newscaster (ep2)
  • Chris Hawley - Belgistan Soldier (ep4), Tank Crew (ep3)
  • Christine M. Auten - Empress, Symbol Pilot (ep8)
  • David LeMaster - Gowa Scientist (ep4), Man In Uniform 1 (ep2), PM Secretary (ep20), Special Services (ep8), Staff Officer Hoightman, Symbol Officer (ep3), Symbol Sub Captain (ep10), Watanabe Clan (ep15)
  • Dean Turner - Lee, Secretary of Commerce
  • Donnie Marion - General Krause, Gowa Operator (ep1)
  • Heather Bryson - Mitomi Watanabe
  • Hunter Stuart - Battalion Commander (ep3)
  • Illich Guardiola - Einyo, F/Phantom, Journalist (ep3)
  • James Bates - Belgistan Soldier (ep4), Tank Crew (ep3)
  • James Marshall - Butler (ep20), Controller (ep21), Crew Leader, Driver (ep14), Gowa Man In Black, Gowa Operator (ep1), Gowa Operator A (ep9), Operator A (ep10), Platoon Commander (ep23), TA Pilot (ep18), Tank Crew (ep3), Watanabe Clan (ep15)
  • Jason Douglas - Watanabe Clan (ep15)
  • Jason Remmert - Belgistan Soldier (ep4), Tank Crew (ep3)
  • Jay Hickman - Gowa Operator (ep1), Guide (ep5), Journalist (ep3), News Anchor (ep4), Tank Crew (ep3), Tank Gunner (ep2), Watanabe Clan (ep15)
  • John Gremillion - Captain Raiko (ep16)
  • John Kaiser - Elder Fan, General Wayne, Journalist (ep3), Man in Uniform 2 (ep2), Secretary of Defense, Symbol Leader, Tank Crew (ep3)
  • John Swasey - Colonel Stilbanov, General (ep11), IFV Platoon Commander (ep3), Kei Nishida, Man In Suit 2 (ep2), Older Cop (ep9), Ronald Feigan, Transport Pilot (ep7), Watanabe Clan (ep15), Yoshitake Gowa
  • Kelly Manison - Journalist (ep3), Watanabe Clan (ep15)
  • Kevin Charles - Newscaster (ep9), Newscaster (ep17), Watanabe Clan (ep15)
  • Kevin Hinnant - Belgistan Soldier (ep4)
  • Larry Koteff - Belgistan Soldier (ep4)
  • Laura Chapman - Yukino Gowa
  • Lew Temple - Crew (ep5)
  • Marcy Bannor - Old Wife (ep9)
  • Mark Laskowski - Battalion Executive Officer (ep3), Cameraman, Gowa Operator (ep1)
  • Melinda DeKay - Mrs. Lee
  • Mike Honig - Kuwajima
  • Mike Kleinhenz - Regent
  • Mike McRae - Helicopter Pilot (ep18), SF Commander (ep20), US Fake Control (ep17), USSF Commander (ep19)
  • Mike Vance - U.S. President, Won
  • Nathan Segrest - US Fake Control (ep17)
  • Phil Ross - Master Sorachi, Minister Of Justice (ep3), News Anchor (ep4), Newscaster (ep2), Watanabe Clan (ep15)
  • Ralph Ehntholt - Brigadier General Dole, Colonel Stilbanov (ep6), Giichirou Gowa, Gunther, Symbol Chief Researcher (ep1), Watanabe Clan (ep15)
  • Randy Sparks - Symbol Support, Takuro Suemi, US Fake Tech (ep17), Watanabe Clan (ep15), Younger Cop (ep9)
  • Rick Peeples - Tatsumi Wakisaka
  • Rob Bundy - Kiou Watanabe (ep15), News Director (ep5), Operative (ep7)
  • Rob Mungle - Takeharu Gowa
  • Robert Anderson - US Fake Control (ep17)
  • Shelton Alsup - US Base Commander (ep20)
  • Stacey Tate - CC Operator (ep18), US Fake Control (ep17)
  • Sue Ulu - Secretary (ep13)
  • Ted Pfister - Daizaburou Gowa, Elder (ep15), Tank Crew (ep3)
  • Vic Mignogna - Colonel Okawa, Engineer (ep20), Ishtar Pilot (ep10), US Fake Pilot 1 (ep17), Watanabe Clan (ep15)
  • Victor Carsrud - Geki Shimomura, Man In Suit 1 (ep2), MARS - Alpha 8 (ep3), News Anchor (ep3), Presidential Aide, Right Wing Radical (ep14), Symbol Branch Officer, Symbol Co-Pilot (ep8), Symbol Operator (ep1), Watanabe Clan (ep15)

Additional Voices