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Fruits Basket ( フルーツバスケット) is a twenty-six episode anime series adapted from the manga series of the same name written and illustrated by Natsuki Takaya. It was animated and produced by Studio DEEN and directed by Akitaro Daichi.

It premiered on TV Tokyo on July 5, 2001, with the final episode airing on December 27, 2001. The series aired in France on France 4, in Spain on Buzz Channel, and in Vietnam on HTV3. FUNimation Entertainment aired the series, in English dubbed, on their anime television channel as well as on Colours TV.

English Voice Cast

Main Cast

Secondary Cast

Minor Cast

  • Brice Armstrong - Market Promoter (ep9), Product Announcer (ep8), Station Attendant (ep18), Tohru's Grandfather (ep5, 15), Waiter (ep14)
  • Elise Baughman - Rika Aida (ep22), Crepe Vendor (ep21), Momiji's Mother (ep15)
  • Christopher Bevins - Hungry Cat (ep23), Laughing Boy (ep13), Male Classmate C (ep7), Playing Student C (ep15), Runner A (ep10), Sohma Family Member B (ep9), Weather Reporter A (ep8)
  • Kate Bristol - Elementary Student F (ep5), Little Girl B (ep9), Makoto's Lackey B (ep13), Yuki Sohma (young), Rina Sonomiya (ep13), Swindling Character B (ep11)
  • Kasey Buckley - Middle School Girl B (ep17), Senior Girl A (ep7), Tohru's Female Cousin (ep5), Mio Yamagishi
  • Chris Cantrell - Bus Driver (ep12), Kokukawa (ep1), Man A (ep3), Paperboy (ep4), Postman (ep2), Tohru's Male Cousin (ep5)
  • Chris Cason - Card Player A (ep10)
  • Chad Cline - Customer A (ep14), Man B (ep3), Playing Student A (ep15), Student Council Member (ep19), Teacher A (ep14)
  • Brandon Cocanougher - Elementary Student A (ep5, 26), Yuki's Childhood Friend A (ep2)
  • Ellen Cocanougher - Elementary Student B (ep5), Yuki's Childhood Friend B (ep2)
  • Amber Cotton - Admirer B (ep10), Satomi Arimori (ep13), Female Student Council Member (ep7), Mine Kuramae (ep20), Kyo's Admirer (ep11), Makoto's Lackey B (ep13), Sohma Family Member C (ep25), Sohma Woman A (ep7)
  • Cynthia Cranz - Admirer A (ep10), Female Classmate B (ep7), Kaori (ep13), Kisa's Mother (ep17, 21), Mitsuru / Mii, Senior Girl B (ep7), Tohru's Aunt (ep5), Weather Reporter B (ep8)
  • Aaron Dismuke - Akito Sohma (young)
  • Jessica Dismuke - Yuki's Admirer (ep3)
  • Kimberly Grant - Cats (ep7), Rice Ball Character
  • Kyle Hebert - Card Player B (ep10), Runner B (ep10), Makoto Takei
  • Eddie Hord - Kyo's Father (ep26), Momiji's Father (ep15)
  • Joshua Huber - Hatsuharu Sohma (young)
  • Susan Huber - Minami Kinoshita, Kana Sohma
  • Sarah Hussey - Ritsu Sohma (young)
  • Brad Jackson - Evilman (ep21), Kazuma's Grandfather (ep25), Motoko's Mother (ep22), Principal (ep14, 25)
  • Alese Johnson - Middle School Girl A (ep17), Tomomi (ep13)
  • Stacie Jolley - 1-D Student E (ep3), Mogeta (ep18, 21)
  • Jamie Marchi - Motoko Minagawa
  • Julie Mayfield - Female Coworker B (ep3, 11, 19), Hot Spring Hostess, Sohma Family Member A (ep25), Swindling Person A (ep11)
  • Meredith McCoy - Mai Goto, Makoto's Lackey B (ep22), Minako (ep13), Sohma Woman B (ep7)
  • Amanda Menix - 1-D Student D (ep3)
  • Stephanie Nadolny - Female Classmate A (ep7), School Announcer (ep7), Aritamis Donpanina Taios / Ari (ep18, 21)
  • Matthew Piersall - Impressed Student (ep11), Kazuma's Student A (ep25), Male Classmate B (ep7), Playing Student C (ep15), Runner C (ep10), Sohma Family Member C (ep25), Swindling Character C (ep11), Takeharu (ep13)
  • Wendy Powell - Kyo's Mother (ep24-26)
  • Alex Ray - Elementary Student C (ep5)
  • Brandi Ray - Elementary Student D (ep5), Little Girl A (ep9)
  • Shane Ray - Troublemaking Boy A (ep13)
  • Antimere Robinson - Head Chef (ep12)
  • Steve Sanders - Narrator (ep15, 18)
  • Lindsey Steed - Elementary Student E (ep5), Yuki's Childhood Friend C (ep2)
  • Laurie Steele - 1-D Student B (ep3), Female Coworker A (ep3, 11, 19), Homeroom Teacher (ep17), Neighbor A (ep22), Singing Boy (ep18), Sohma Clan Family Member D (ep25), Teacher C (ep14)
  • Sonny Strait - Customer B (ep14), Gym Teacher, Neighbor B (ep22), Teacher B (ep14)
  • Sean Michael Teague - Male Classmate A (ep7), Sohma Family Member A (ep9)
  • Brian Thomas - 1-D Student A (ep3), Ayame's Classmate (ep14), Kazuma's Student B (ep25), Playing Student B (ep15)
  • Bill Townsley - Sohma Building Secretary (ep15), Troublemaking Boy B (ep13)
  • Hollie Townson - Megumi Hanajima (ep18)
  • Heaven Tubbs - Kazuma Sohma (young)
  • Avery Rice Williams - Kyo Sohma (young)
  • Kent Williams - 1-D Student C (ep3)