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Fairy Tail The Movie: Phoenix Priestess (劇場版 FAIRY TAIL 鳳凰の巫女) is a 2012 Japanese animated film directed by Masaya Fujimori, based on the shōnen manga and anime series Fairy Tail by Hiro Mashima.

The film received a limited release in 73 Japanese theaters on August 18, 2012. The DVD was bundled with a special edition release of Volume 36 of the manga on February 13, 2013. The film was aired on Animax Asia on March 23, 2013. It has also been licensed for a North American release by FUNimation Entertainment, which premiered at Nan Desu Kan on September 13, 2013, and was be released on Blu-ray/DVD on December 10, 2013.

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