Fairy Gone is a 2019 original anime from P.A. Works. It premiered in Japan on April 7, 2019. Funimation Entertainment is producing a simuldub of the series, which will premiere on the FunimationNow streaming service on April 28, 2019.

English Voice Cast

Main Cast

Secondary Cast

Minor Cast

Additional Voices

  • Aaron Campbell - Male Aid 21A (ep21), Walla Jail (ep21), Walla Oder Members (ep21), Additional Voices
  • Aaron Roberts
  • Alex Mai - Guy 17A (ep17), Henchman 17A (ep17), Henchman 17B (ep17), Male Bartender 17A (ep17), Male Soldier 13A (ep13), Male Staffer 17A (ep17), Walla Crowd (ep13)
  • Alle Mims - Walla Crowd (ep13)
  • Anthony DiMascio - Male Guard 16B (ep16), Male Islander 16B (ep16), Man 16A (ep16)
  • Billy Betsill - Henchman 17C (ep17), Henchman 17D (ep17), Male Driver 17A (ep17), Male Subordinate 17A (ep17)
  • Blake McNamara - Outlaw 18E (ep18)
  • Brad Kurtz - Male Administrator 16A (ep16), Male Head Guard 16A (ep16), Male Onlooker 16A (ep16), Additional Voices
  • Brianna Roberts
  • Caleb Yen - Male Guard 16C (ep16), Male Islander 16C (ep16), Male Townsperson 13C (ep13), Man 16B (ep16)
  • Carl G. Brooks - Male Office Head 16A (ep16), Male Onlooker 16B (ep16), Additional Voices
  • Carson Wright - Walla Bar (ep15)
  • Christopher Lew
  • Cody Savoie - Male Soldier 14D (ep14), Male Soldier 14I (ep14)
  • Cory Phillips - Male Jailer 20A (ep20), Male Soldier 14C (ep14), Male Soldier 14G (ep14), Male Soldier 14K (ep14), Male Third Unit Member 20B (ep20), Outlaw 18B (ep18), Outlaw 18D (ep18), Outlaw 18H (ep18), Walla Disciples (ep16), Walla Soldier (ep16), Walla Staffers (ep20), Walla Townspeople (ep16), Additional Voices
  • Cynthia Cranz
  • Dalton Barlow
  • Dusty Feeney - Walla Crowd (ep13)
  • Emily Fajardo - Walla Townspeople (ep16)
  • Emily Hornsby - Middle-Aged Woman 13A (ep13)
  • Gabe Kunda - Middle-Aged Man (ep15), Walla Bar (ep15)
  • Gary Furlong - Male Jailer 21A (ep21), Male Staffer 20C (ep20), Man on the Roadside 20A (ep20), Walla Fairy Soldiers (ep18), Walla Jailer (ep21), Walla Order Members (ep21), Walla Staffers (ep20)
  • Jack Reeder - Outlaw 18F (ep18)
  • Jamal Sterling - Walla Crowd (ep13)
  • Jarrod Greene
  • Jeff Colangelo - Male Prisoner 21A (ep21), Male Staffer 20A (ep20), Walla Jail (ep21), Walla Order Members (ep21)
  • Jeremiah Johnson - Guy 17B (ep17), Male Soldier 15A (ep15), Male Soldier 22A (ep22), Male Staffer 20B (ep20), Male Staffer 20D (ep20), Random Male Soldier 22A (ep22), Walla Bar (ep15), Walla Crowd (ep13), Walla Fairy Soldiers (ep18)
  • Jim Foronda - Walla Fairy Soldiers (ep18)
  • Jordan Dash Cruz - Boy 13A (ep13), Male Commanding Officer 13A (ep13), Male Guard 16A (ep16), Male Islander 16A (ep16), Male Soldier 14B (ep14), Male Soldier 14H (ep14), Male Soldier 14J (ep14), Additional Voices
  • Joshua Sherman - Male Inspector 16A (ep16), Male Prisoner 21B (ep21), Male Third Unit Member 20A (ep20), Walla Fairy Soldiers (ep18), Walla Jail (ep21), Walla Order Members (ep21), Walla Staffers (ep20)
  • Justin Briner
  • Justin Cook
  • Katlin Moon-Jones - Walla Children (ep13)
  • Kimberly Grace - Girl 13B (ep13), Walla Children (ep13)
  • Kris Bryan - Male Townsperson 13B (ep13)
  • Krystal LaPorte - Woman 16A (ep16), Walla Townspeople (ep16)
  • Lara Woodhull - Girl 13A (ep13), Walla Children (ep13)
  • Laura Wetsel - Mother 16A (ep16), Walla Townspeople (ep16)
  • Lee George - Male Guard 16D (ep16), Male Islander 16D (ep16), Man 16C (ep16), Male Soldier 14E (ep14), Additional Voices
  • Marissa Lenti - Child 16A (ep16), Walla Townspeople (ep16), Additional Voices
  • Matt Holmes - Male Guard 16E (ep16)
  • Matt Shipman
  • Megan Shipman - Middle-Aged Woman 20A (ep20)
  • Michael A. Zekas - Scientist (ep2)
  • Michael Stimac - Male Onlooker 17A (ep17), Male Security Force Member 17A (ep17), Walla Disciples (ep16), Walla Soldier (ep16), Walla Townspeople (ep16)
  • Nazeeh Tarsha - Walla Disciples (ep16), Walla Solier (ep16), Walla Townspeople (ep16), Additional Voices
  • Parker Gray - Walla Disciples (ep16), Walla Soldier (ep16), Walla Townspeople (ep16)
  • Patric Carroll - Male Soldier 13B (ep13)
  • Patrick McAlister - Male Informant 15A (ep15)
  • Rachel Glass
  • Sakyiwaa Baah - Walla Crowd (ep13)
  • Shawn Gann - Outlaw 18A (ep18), Outlaw 18C (ep18), Outlaw 18G (ep18), Additional Voices
  • Sonny Strait - Older Male Neighbor 20A (ep20)
  • Sterling Gafford - Male Soldier 14A (ep14), Male Soldier 14F (ep14)
  • Stephen Fu
  • Stephen Sanders - Boy 13B (ep13), Walla Children (ep13)
  • Tiffany Patterson - Female Onlooker 17A (ep17)
  • Tyson Rinehart - Fairy 22A (ep22)
  • Z. Charles Bolton - Male Townsperson 13A (ep13)
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