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FLCL: Alternative is a 2018 anime series that serves as a sequel to FLCL Progressive. It aired on Toonami in North America between September 8, 2018 and October 13, 2018, consisting of 6 episodes. It also premiered in Japanese theaters on September 28, 2018.

English Voice Cast[]

Main Cast[]

Secondary Cast[]

Minor Cast[]

  • Jon Allen - Basketball Team Member B (ep2), Journalist C (ep5), Male Student A (ep1), Overheated Student C (ep5), TV Character A (ep6)
  • Steve Blum - Construction Worker (ep3), Journalist B (ep5), Make-up Artist (ep3)
  • Christine Marie Cabanos - Best Friend B (ep5), Lazy Student B (ep5)
  • Allegra Clark - Fashion Fanatic B (ep3), Interstellar Immigration Operator (ep1), Mossan's Little Brother (ep3), Overheated Student F (ep5)
  • Lucien Dodge - Apathetic Student B (ep3), Basketball Team Member C (ep2), Dejected Student (ep4), Gossiping Classmate D (ep2), Lazy Student A (ep5), Male Student B (ep2), Spectating Student D (ep4), TV Character B (ep6)
  • Yuri Lowenthal - Apathetic Student A (ep3), Basketball Team Member A (ep2), Confused Student C (ep1), Gagged D.J. (ep3), Gossiping Classmate C (ep2), Journalist A (ep5), Opposing Team Member A (ep4), Overheated Student B (ep5), Spectating Student B (ep4)
  • Max Mittelman - Contest Staff Member B (ep3), Male Judge (ep3)
  • Cassandra Morris - Best Friend A (ep5), Fashion Fanatic C (ep3), Mossan's Little Sister (ep3)
  • Ben Pronsky - Rap Voice (ep3)
  • Erica Schroeder - Confused Student A (ep1), Female Judge (ep3), Gossiping Classmate A (ep2), Mrs. Motoyama (ep3), Overheated Student D (ep5)
  • Patrick Seitz - Hijiri's Boss (ep2), Lazy Student C (ep5), News Anchor (ep2), Opposing Team Member B (ep5), Overheated Student A (ep5)
  • Stephanie Sheh - Confused Student B (ep1), Contest Staff Member A (ep3), Female Students (ep4), Gossiping Classmate B (ep2), Hijiri's Classmates (ep2), Interstellar Immigration Computer (ep6), Overheated Student G (ep5), Spectating Student C (ep4), Handa Tondabayashi (ep3)
  • Jamie Simone - Puppies (ep3)
  • Michael Sinterniklaas - Designer's Contest M.C. (ep3), Opposing Team Member C (ep4), Toshio Shioya (ep2), Spectating Student A (ep4)
  • Veronica Taylor - Mimi Hetada (ep5)