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Dead Leaves 2004 DVD Cover

Dead Leaves is a Japanese anime science fiction film directed by Hiroyuki Imaishi and produced by Production I.G. The film was originally released in Japan on January 17, 2004. The film was released on DVD by Manga Entertainment with an English dub produced by Gaijin Productions on September 28, 2004.

English Language Cast[]

  • Retro - Jaxon Lee
  • Pandy - Amanda Winn Lee
  • Galactica - Kerry Anderson
  • 666 - Chad Fifer
  • 777 - Jason Miller
  • Chinko - Keith Burgess
  • Dr. Yabu - Douglas Rye
  • Dispatcher, Grey Robot, Old Puffy, Purple Turnip, Guards, Cyclops, Curly Haired Freak, Gunner played by Steve Millunzi
  • Pedestrian, Testicle Head, Blue Elephant, Mr. Coffee, Mini Bluto, Offspring, Ship Computer played by Hal Lublin
  • Judge, Strawberry Robot, Looneytuner, Shirley, Hippopotabull, Tank Commander played by Michael John Ross
  • 931, Ponytail Guy, Sergeant, Engineer played by Stephen Kruiser
  • Easter Island Guy, Bobafett Guy, White Haired Guy, Caterpillar played by Douglas Rye
  • Bearded Old Man - Jason Miller