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Daniel Peter "Dan" Lorge (born February 8, 1962) is an American voice actor.

He also goes by the pseudonyms Dan Martin, Robbie Martin, Robert Martin, George Celik, Jake Daniels, and Jake Martin.

Anime Voice Work[]

Anime - Dubbing[]

  • Battle Athletes Victory - Additional Voices
  • The Big O - MP Boat Patrol (ep5)
  • Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo - Baron von Horny, Otto, The Unknown Sad Sack
  • Carried by the Wind: Tsukikage Ran - Haji
  • Cowboy Bebop - Gangster B (ep1), Video Maniac (ep18)
  • Cyborg 009: The Cyborg Soldier - Alexandria Soldier C (ep34), Biker C (ep50), Captain Zanbarusu, Dr. Dracula (ep31), Fighter Pilot (ep 50), Firefighter D (ep 19), Jason (ep 49), Marine Captain (ep 49), New York Cop A (ep 19), Person in Crowd C (ep 20), Pwa Wuk, Soldier C (ep 47), Soldier A (ep 48), Zathanian F (ep 46)
  • Digimon Adventure - Bakemon A (ep11), Electrician B (ep28), Garbagemon A (ep44), Gekomon C (ep25), Masami Izumi (ep31, 36), Mekanorimon (ep48), Monzaemon (ep6), NNK Anchor (ep32), Numemon Leader (ep6), Numemon Troop B (ep27), RedVegiemon (ep47), SkullMeramon (ep32), Vegiemon (ep23), WaruMonzaemon (ep49)
  • Digimon Adventure 02 - Chikara Hida, Astronaut B (ep40), Deep Ones / "Scubamon" (ep13), Deputymon (ep12), Gotsumon (ep49), Gotsumon Brother A (ep3-4, 22), Jeremiah (ep17), Kuwagamon (ep31), Mall Announcer (ep38), Maria's Centarumon (ep40), News Anchor (ep15, 38-39), Office Worker B (ep46), Youngest Poi Brother (ep40, 50), Principal (ep13), RedVegiemon (ep4, 22), Seadramon (ep14, 40), Sonya's Snimon (ep42), Tamachi Player B (ep8), Wild Shellmon (ep41)
  • Digimon Frontier - Airdramon (ep45), Gryphonmon, KaratsukiNumemon
  • Digimon Tamers - Mr. Kitagawa
  • DinoZaurs - Chubby Hunter (ep6), Old Traveler (ep15)
  • Fist of the North Star (1984) - Amiba's Personal Guard (ep36), Blue-Haired Caster (ep34), Determined Villager A (ep26), Fang Clan Member A (ep24-25), Fang Clan Member who Drives (ep23), Farmer Militia B (ep1), Foolhardy Guard B (ep22), Iron Masked Spade Thug (ep2), Killed Villager C (ep27), Lookout A (ep2), Mournful Fang Clan Member B (ep24), Mourning Villager (ep25), Fang Clan Raider A (ep23), Fang Clan Sniper (ep25), Shin's Bodyguard A (ep22), Trade Guard (ep2), Vengeful Fang Clan Member B (ep24), Zeedo Gang Member who Alerts (ep1)
  • Fortune Quest L - Chief (ep2)
  • Fushigi Yûgi - Cab Driver (ep50), Civilian Walla (ep50), Director (ep47), Konan Soldier (ep47), Nakago's Soldier (ep49), Revived Konan Soldier (ep47), SDF Official (ep52), Suzaku Seikun (ep51), Taxi Driver (ep43, 46)
  • Genma Wars - Nu
  • Hand Maid May - Kisaragi
  • Kyo Kara Maoh! - Clint (ep53)
  • The Legend of Black Heaven - 'Michael' Satō
  • Lupin III: Part II - Inspector Koichi Zenigata (ep1-79), Alerted Security Guard (ep2), American Officer A (ep9), Archaeologist B (ep34), Australian Guard D (ep44), Black Cloud (ep33), Black Market Buyer A (ep50), Blue-Shirt Cyborg (ep46), Bruce (ep44), Cabinet Member (ep12), Cocodad Citizen Walla (ep65), Cocodad Soldiers (ep65), Craps Overseer (ep45), Departing Passenger (ep8), Diamond Buyer A (ep39), Drunken Doctor (ep34), Fūma Ninja A (ep36), Funeral Director (ep32), Gemarschaft Villager B (ep62), Ghouls (ep50-51), Hutler Fanatic Walla (ep20), Jesus Statue (ep2), Kuranari (ep36), Match Announcer (ep49), Metropolitan Security Guard C (ep48), Oz's Strongman (ep4), Palm Beach Policeman B (ep50), Penguin (ep44), President of the United States (ep12), Security Monitors (ep45), Sergio (ep50-51), Sorton's Opponent (ep49), Switzerland Bank President (disguise; ep5), Tonfa User (ep1), Traveling Scholar B (ep67), Villager No. 108 (ep62)
  • Rurouni Kenshin - Chief (ep52), Followers (ep52), Gonzo (ep55), Head Officer (ep82), Henya (eps49-52), Kasai, Kuro (ep42), Leader (ep49), Men (ep44), Shiro, Shirojo (ep67), Thief (ep43)
  • Serial Experiments Lain - Additional Voices
  • Someday's Dreamers - Ginpun, Inoue (ep7)
  • Street Fighter II V - Additional Voices
  • Super Dimension Century Orguss - Gove
  • Tenchi Muyo! GXP - Additional Voices
  • The Legend of Black Heaven - Additional Voices
  • Trigun - Additional Voices
  • Vandread - Additional Voices
  • Zenki - Hirumaki

Movies - Dubbing[]

OVA - Dubbing[]


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