Colorful is a 16-episode anime television series by Triangle Staff that was released in September 6, 1999 – September 30, 1999.

English Voice Cast

  • Christine M. Auten - Blue Jean's Friend, Lucy the Space Chick, Mademoiselle, Office Worker, Swim Team, Windswept Co-Ed
  • David Geller - Colorform Man, Drunk in Suit, Pussy Man, Store Clerk
  • David Matranga - Drunk in Blue Tie, Hirokawa, Jamie, Newscrowd
  • Dorothea Exis - Alien, Crowd, Marcher, Picnicker
  • Emily Carter - Bench Babe, Cab Couple, Pool Girl, Redhead on Train, Redheaded Store Girl
  • Greg Stanley - Steve
  • Hilary Haag - Bench Babe, Office Worker, Skirts, Yamamoto
  • James Bates - Alien, Crowd, Marcher, Picnicker
  • Jason Douglas - Witness
  • Jody Ferdig - Little Hottie Houseguest, Swim Team
  • John Swasey - Cabbie, Japanixon, Jeweler, Uncle
  • Kelli Cousins - Bathroom Babe, Bunny Hugger, Consolation Prize, Gap Chick, Girl on Stairs, Newscrowd, Office Worker, Swim Team, Virgin
  • Kira Vincent-Davis - Brunette Hottie on Bike, Businessman's Wife, Jogger, Living Doll, Part-Time Alien
  • Marie Marshall - Flip Brunette on Subway, Skirts
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