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Case Closed is an anime based on the Meitantei Conan (名探偵コナン) manga series by Gosho Aoyama. The series is directed by Kenji Kodama and Yasuichiro Yamamoto and produced by TMS Entertainment and Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation. Case Closed has aired since January 8, 1996 on Nippon Television Network System in Japan and is currently ongoing. It has aired over 600 episodes in Japan making it the eleventh longest running anime series.

In 2003, the first 104 episodes of the regular animation series were licensed by FUNimation Entertainment for distribution in North America. Case Closed debuted on Cartoon Network as part of their Adult Swim programming block on May 24, 2004; no more than 50 episodes were licensed from Funimation due to low ratings. A separate English adaptation of the series by Animax Asia premiered in the Philippines on January 18, 2006. Because Animax were unable to obtain further TV broadcast rights, their version comprised 52 episodes.


English Voice Cast

Main Cast

Role Voice Actor
Conan Edogawa Alison Retzloff
Jimmy Kudo Jerry Jewell
Rachel Moore Colleen Clinkenbeard
Richard Moore R. Bruce Elliott

Secondary Cast

Role Voice Actor
Amy Yeager Monica Rial
Dr. Hiroshi Agasa Bill Flynn
George Kaminski Dameon Clarke
Inspector Maguire Mark Stoddard
Mitch Tennison Cynthia Cranz
Serena Sebastian Laura Bailey

Minor Cast

Role Voice Actor
Aaron Hamlin (ep14) Aaron Hatch
Abraham (ep21) Bill Townsley
Akiyoshi (ep3) Christopher Bevins
Alan (ep20) John Burgmeier
Anderson McDonald (ep17) Travis Willingham
Ari Hannigan Gwendolyn Lau
Asao (ep2) Sonny Strait
Catherine McLaughlin (ep19) Lydia Mackay
Celia (ep19) Wendy Powell
Charles Mulligan (ep15) Brad Jackson
Constantine Fontana (ep22) Grant James
Dad (ep21) Dustin Lau
Damian Maru (ep17) Vic Mignogna
Detective Rye (ep14) Sonny Strait
Dr. Hasseleman (ep17) Justin Cook
Dr. Woodman (ep7) Jakie Cabe
Erin Mulligan (ep15) Laura Bailey
Francis (ep4) Chris Forbis
Gangster (eps4-5) Eddie Hord
Gin Troy Baker
Gregor (ep22) Brice Armstrong
Hadrian Timberman (ep16) Brett Weaver
Hamilton Timberman (ep16) Brett Weaver
Harrison Acres (ep10) Robert McCollum
Harry (ep16) Greg Ayres
Iliana Maru (ep17) Scarlett McAlister
Inspector Worthington Dameon Clarke
Isaac (ep8) Jerome 57
Isaac Hannigan Bob Carter
Jackie Sawyer (ep17) Ed Blaylock
Jacob Hannigan Greg Ayres
Jeremiah (ep22) Mike McFarland
Johansen (ep9) Robert McCollum
Johnny Umina (ep19) John Burgmeier
Joseph Hannigan Steve Sanders
Kari Simmons (ep6) Meredith McCoy
Katie Watson (ep6) Amber Cotton
Keenan Morris (ep6) Michael Sinterniklaas
Ken Nicholson Bill Townsley
Kent Hamlin (ep14) Adrian Cook
Kevin Hadley Vic Mignogna
Kidnapper (ep2) Brad Jackson
Kimmie (ep17) Cynthia Cranz
Kipling (ep4) Mike McFarland
Kowalski/Kubota (ep8) Sean Schemmel
Kristopher McLaughlin (ep19) Bob Carter
Laurel Hallerand (ep20) Lucy Small
Lucas Hannigan Justin Pate
Lucy (ep13) Caitlin Glass
Mackie (ep5) Chuck Huber
Mario (ep22) Chuck Huber
Matthew Schumacher Steve Sanders
Matthias Acres (ep10) Monica Rial
Meredith Hannigan Scarlett McAlister
Michelle Hamlin (ep14) Clarine Harp
Michelle Tanner (ep2) Amber Cotton
Mom (ep21) Wendy Powell
Mother (ep6) Caitlin O'Connell
Mr. Manaka/Morrison (ep8) Steve Sanders
Mr. O'Donnell (ep8) Jay Moses
Mr. Tanner (ep2) Ed Blaylock
Mr. Tanner's Wife (ep2) Susan Huber
Nadia Adams Pam Dougherty
Nicholas Underwood (ep10) Travis Willingham
Nicodimus Stanley (ep9) Chuck Huber
Norman (ep6) Chuck Huber
O'Brien (ep14) Barry Yandell
Police Officer (eps11-12) Grant James
Rene Kinsella Parisa Fakhri
Riana (ep10) Caitlin Glass
Ringo Norris (ep22) Vic Mignogna
Salvador Emerson (ep9) Sonny Strait
Samantha (ep17) Linda Young
Sammy (ep6) Sophie McNutt
Shannon Hannigan (ep23) Jim Foronda
Sonny (ep5) Andrew T. Chandler
Steven Mulholland Travis Willingham
Suzanna Hannigan Lydia Mackay
Theodore Kinsella Brice Armstrong
Theodore Zimmer Jeffrey Schmidt
Tina Fontana (ep22) Tiffany Grant
Tommy Oswald (ep7) Robert McCollum
Tommy Walker (ep6) Travis Willingham
Tony Tsugi (ep19) Eric Vale
Vodka Kyle Hebert
Willard Sonny Strait
Wong (ep4) Robert McCollum
Yamagishi Sonny Strait
Yoko Okino Elise Baughman
Yuko Ikezawa (ep3) Gwendolyn Lau

Additional Voices