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Caitlin Tiffany Glass (born November 16, 1981 in Washington, D.C., USA), often credited as Tiffany Patterson, is an American voice actress, ADR director and script writer at New Generation Pictures, FUNimation Entertainment and Bang Zoom! Entertainment, who provided voices for a number of English versions of Japanese anime series, and video games. She is known for voicing Winry Rockbell in Fullmetal Alchemist and Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Nefertari Vivi in One Piece, Haruhi Fujioka in Ouran High School Host Club, Miria Harvent in Baccano!, Kyōko Kirigiri in Danganronpa: The Animation, Eleanora "Elen" Viltaria in Lord Marksman and Vanadis, Satellizer el Bridget in Freezing, Hitomi Kanzaki in The Vision of Escaflowne and Rose in Tales of Zestiria the X .

She's married to voice actor Tony Patterson.

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