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Brice Weeks Armstrong (born January 3, 1936 in Dallas, Texas, USA; passed January 10, 2020 in Dallas, Texas, USA) was a former American voice actor who primarily worked on the properties of FUNimation Entertainment.

He retired from voice acting since 2009, and some of his former roles have been recast with new voice actors.

Anime Voice Work

Anime - Dubbing

  • Baki the Grappler - Kanji "Antonio" Igari, Toba's Fellow Disciple (ep20)
  • Basilisk - Tokugawa Ieyasu (ep1)
  • Blue Gender - Victor
  • Burst Angel - Chief Kan'in Katsu, Tetsuzo's Cheerer B (ep13)
  • Case Closed - Einstein Achurbee (ep51), Gregor (ep21), Nick Weldon (ep53), Owner (ep28), Robert Gilmore (ep39), Shane O'Connor (ep46), Theodore Kinsella (ep11), Additional Voices
  • Desert Punk - Additional Voices
  • Dragon Ball - Narrator, Ahab (ep126), Airline Pilot (ep83), Begging Farmer B (ep112), Boar Patient (ep89), Burka (ep79), Chappa's Student C (ep103, 126), Rook Chomper (ep103), Construction Worker B (ep18), Crocodile Challenger (ep72), Demon C (ep102), Escaped Convict (ep123), Fiend Villager D (ep81), Fire Mountain Villager B (ep123), Giran's Follower A (ep29), Gorilla Fighter (ep17), Green Hat Spectator (ep24), Hippo Spectator (ep101), Ice Cream Vendor (ep90), Jebediah (ep123), KBC Anchor (ep124), Money Counter on the Toilet (ep87), Murasaki's Challenger B (ep37), Nam's Father (ep22, 25, 29), Senbei Norimaki (ep55-57), Old Man (ep35), Pinfu's Father (ep82), Professional Boxer C (ep33), Rabbit One (ep9), Radio Announcer (ep107), Red Ribbon Brigade Leader (ep66), Red Ribbon Survivor D (ep68), Referee (ep107), Refreshments Man (ep25), RIOT Officer (ep117), Ship Captain (ep84), Shipmate A (ep84), Shocked Silver Corp Soldier (ep33), Silver Corp Soldier D (ep32), SWAT Officer A (ep107), Tien's Supporter A (ep100), Tiger Debt Collector (ep83), Tournament Sponsor (ep87-88), TV Anchor (ep118, 120), White Corp Tank Gunner (ep35) (2001 FUNimation dub)
  • Dragon Ball GT - Blocking Monk A (ep41), Caretaker Walla (ep31), Chanting Infected (ep37), Financial Executive (ep2), Fisherman A (ep51), Line-Calling Ogre (ep44), Man in Red Shirt (ep40), Nam (ep40), News Reporter (ep42), Obese Robber (ep1, 26), Offering Infected (ep29), Old Man (ep50), Panicking Man A (ep52), Salaryman (ep25), Sūgorō, Terrorized Man (ep43), Volcano Walla (ep48), Wrestler (ep41) (2003 FUNimation dub)
  • Dragon Ball Z - Exterminated Man (ep256), Monk Doctor (ep217-218), Papa Pterodactyl (ep220), Satan City Chief of Police (ep217), Satan City Cop C (ep217), Sue's Husband (ep201), Young Spectator (ep219) (1999 FUNimation dub)
    • Captain Ginyu, Baseball Walla (ep10), Cook Walla (ep12), Ed (ep10), Mohawked Taitan (ep10), Weather Anchor (ep46) (2005 Ultimate Uncut/FUNimation dub)
    • Captain Ginyu (ep63-93, 102-103, 107), Baseball Walla (ep10), Cook Walla (ep12), Ed (ep10), Exterminated Man (ep256), Monk Doctor (ep217-218), Papa Pterodactyl (ep220), Satan City Chief of Police (ep217), Satan City Cop C (ep217), Sue's Husband (ep201), Young Spectator (ep219) (2007 Remastered FUNimation dub)
  • Fruits Basket - Market Promoter (ep9), Product Announcer (ep8), Station Attendant (ep18), Tohru's Grandfather (ep5, 15), Waiter (ep14)
  • Fullmetal Alchemist - Dr. Tim Marcoh, German Fruit Vendor (ep51)
  • Kiddy Grade - Confused Soldier B (ep18), Crime Boss Cyborg A (ep5), Robo Butler (ep5), Inspector Takeshi (ep3)
  • Kodocha - Additional Voices
  • Samurai 7 - Masamune
  • Spiral - Dancing Drunkard (ep14, 16, 19), Raizou Shiranagatani (ep2, 11, 19)
  • The Galaxy Railways - Whitman (ep8)
  • YuYu Hakusho: Ghost Files - Apparitions Gang Walla (ep23), Demon Slummer D (ep28), Dissolved Spectator D (ep61), English Teacher (ep4), Frantic Ogre B (ep2), Hungry Demon Spectator (ep29), Impatient Spectator B (ep28), Intimidated Spectator C (ep61), Kasanegafuchi Jr. High Student A (ep3), Kuroda (ep10), Kyūshū Mountain Man B (ep9), Little Purple Demon (ep33), Mitamura (ep34, 36), Nurukawa (ep23-25, 27, 53), Ogre Mascot (ep22), Orange Ogre (ep66), Ship Captain (ep26-27), Skeptical Spectator (ep54), Street Gangster C (ep67), Takenaka, Toguro's Student B (ep66), Topaz (ep33)

Anime Specials - Dubbing

Movies - Dubbing


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