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Blue Gender DVD Cover

Blue Gender (ブルージェンダー) is a 26-episode anime created by Ryōsuke Takahashi, broadcast in Japan from 1999-2000. Blue Gender was created by the Japanese animation studio, AIC and is distributed in the United States by FUNimation Entertainment. In 2003, Blue Gender was released on American television as part of Cartoon Network's Adult Swim, though it had originally been planned for Toonami, and was thus edited to remove its graphic violence, nudity, and sex scenes. The series was also shown on the Sci Fi Channel in the UK in 2002-2003.

English Voice Cast

Main Cast

Secondary Cast

Minor Cast

  • Christopher Bevins - Lucifer Hammer's HQ (ep4)
  • Duncan Brannan - Korean Man B (ep5)
  • Ryan Thomas Brockington - Ark Soldier B (ep12), Sleeper Troop A (ep21)
  • Kasey Buckley - Elena (ep8-9)
  • John Burgmeier - Evacuating Soldier (ep23), Joey Heald, Patrol Scout B (ep26), Second Earth Operator B (ep25), Scientist B (ep13)
  • Chris Cason - Ark Operator A (ep18), Central Office Operator A (ep13), Central Office Operator B (ep19), Kyzyl Kum Bandit C (ep8), Paramedic (ep12), Shuttle Computer (ep11)
  • Dameon Clarke - Ark Soldier A (ep18), Emergency Announcer (ep19), Field Operator A (ep16), Ted (ep25-26), Dice Quaid (ep7-9)
  • Chad Cline - Scott Manning (ep10-11), Nomad C (ep9), Towel Man (ep12)
  • Justin Cook - Central Office Operator B (ep13), Dragged Soldier (ep15), Korean Man C (ep5), Reporting Soldier (ep13)
  • James Fields - Baikonur Commander (ep10-11)
  • Chris Forbis - Patrol Leader (ep25), Prison Guard (ep24)
  • Clint Ford - Alerted Trainee (ep12), Baikonur Soldier A (ep10-11)
  • Brendan Guy - Panicked Soldier (ep16)
  • Kyle Hebert - "Relieved" Guard A (ep19), Ark Soldier B (ep18), Robert Bradley, Injured Trainee (ep12), Takashi
  • Chuck Huber - Seamus Han (ep10-11), Yung's Father (ep4)
  • Joshua Huber - Boy (ep25)
  • Susan Huber - Brenda Miren, Minnie White (ep2)
  • Jeremy Inman - Lax Soldier B (ep24), Patrol Scout A (ep26), Second Earth Operator B (ep24)
  • Brad Jackson - Ark Operator A (ep20-21, 23), Ark Soldier A (ep21)
  • Stacie Jolley - Simulated Civilian Walla (ep12)
  • Evan Jones - Simulation Announcer (ep12)
  • Roger Jones - Ark Soldier C (ep21), Gray-Haired Council Member
  • Paul LeBlanc - Ark Security System (ep21)
  • Josh Martin - Lab 102 Guard (ep14), Scientist A (ep13)
  • Meredith McCoy - Korean Woman (ep4)
  • Mike McFarland - "Relieved" Guard B (ep18), Simulated Man (ep6)
  • Amanda Menix - Simulated Civilian Walla (ep12)
  • Carlos Moreno - Nomad A (ep8-9)
  • Jeff Muenstermann - Ark Operator B (ep23), Second Earth Operator A (ep24)
  • Stephanie Nadolny - Medical Security System (ep22), Unsettled Pilot C (ep20)
  • Mark Orvik - Kyzyl Kum Boss (ep8-9), Nomad B (ep8-9)
  • Lane Pianta - Transport Shuttle Pilot (ep12)
  • Chris Rager - Evacuating Soldier A (ep22), Kaidalov (ep13, 21), Kyzyl Kum Bandit A (ep8), Kyzyl Kum Bandit B (ep8)
  • Brandi Ray - Girl (ep25), Yung (ep4-6)
  • Willie Ray Jr. - Ben Davis (ep19-20)
  • Ned Record - Central Office Operator C (ep13), Gernreich (ep10-11), Superior Officer (ep16)
  • Rick Robertson - Scarred Council Member
  • Christopher R. Sabat - Ark Operator C (ep20), Ark Soldier D (ep21), Keith Bean (ep1-2), Bespectacled Council Member, Field Operator B (ep16), Gossiping Soldier (ep10), Second Earth Operator A (ep25)
  • Scott Sager - Aide (ep12)
  • Steve Sanders - Ark Captain (ep21)
  • Sonny Strait - Ark Operator B (ep20), Baikonur Monitor (ep10), Baikonur Second-in-Command (ep10-11), Evacuating Soldier C (ep22), Korean Man A (ep5), Monitoring Soldier (ep10), Sleeper Troop B (ep21), Soldier giving Signal (ep21), Unnerved Pilot B (ep20)
  • Sean Whitley - Ark Operator C (ep23), Evacuating Soldier B (ep22), Lax Soldier A (ep24), Patrol Scout C (ep26), Second Earth Operator C (ep24-25), Soldier Walla (ep23)
  • Kent Williams - Ark Operator B (ep18), Central Office Operator C (ep18-19), Doctor (ep1, 6, 20), Elena's Father (ep8-9), Unnerved Pilot B (ep20)
  • Megan Woodall - Minh (ep10-11)