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Hustonwfhh12 Hustonwfhh12 20 March

What should have been : RM.E English dub

what should have been: Megaman nt warrior axess English dub

To start on side note this part of the series of anime should've gotten an American DVD release

Plus michael rails defulucted from voice acting back in 2004 so other actors may have taken his place in axcess.

Commissioner Kifune- Richard Cansino

Manuela- Mary Elizabeth Mcgynn

Dr.regal- Lex Lang

Ms.yuri- Mari Devon

Shademan- Jamison Price

Bubbleman- Brian Beacock

Savageman- Bill Barretta

Flashman- Michael York

Bowlman- Bob Pappenbrook/Michael Sorich

Vineman- Dave Wittenberg

Burnerman- Keith Silverstein

Videoman- David Lodge

Raika- Johnny Yong Bocsh

Searchman- Crispin Freeman

Desertman- Kyle Herbert

Gravityman- Michael Sorich

Sparkman- Dave Goelz

Brightman- Joshua Seth

Swordman Red- Lance Henderson


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Hustonwfhh12 Hustonwfhh12 19 March

What should have been : Rockman.exe English dub

What should have been: Megaman nt warrior English dub

To start the Franchise really could have been aired on Toon disney or MTV

But here's what the voice cast should have been

Lan hikari- Collen Villard

Megaman- Yuri Lowenthal

Maylu sakurai- Dorothy Elias Fahn

Roll-Mona Marshall

Dex Oyama- Brian Beacock

Gutsman- Steve Staley

Yai ayano-Kate Higgins

Glyde-Tom Wyner/Keith Silverstein

Ms.Mari- Debi Derryberry

Chaud blaze-Sam Regal

Protoman-Michael Rails/Steve Blum

Lord Wily- Jerry Nelson

Mercuryman-Tom Wyner/Dave Goelz

Mr.Match-Richard Kind

Torchman-Dave Goelz

Count Zap- Bill Barretta

Elecman-Steve Blum

Ms.Madd-Wendee Lee

Wackoman- Michael Reiz/Jeff Nimoy

Mr.Higsby- Joshua Seth

Numberman- Richard Epcar

Tori froid- Brianne Sindall

Iceman- Dave Wittenberg

Masa/Commander …

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Ewefwein Ewefwein 28 October 2021

Moeyo Ken episode 11:Toshie Hijikata & Kaoru Okita inflation reaction/episode aftermath

  • 1 Summary
  • 2 Toshie Hijikata and Kaoru Okita’s inflations
  • 3 Aftermath
  • 4 Characters

We see Toshie and Kaoru's reactions to them being inflated in how I think it would've went down and the aftermath of episode 11.

It begins with the shot of Kondo on the inflated Ryuunosuke as Yaba’s ship has been destroyed and the Dunplings with the inflation effect start raining down but we see Toshie and Kaoru react to the dumpling rain and the two immediately start running away. They avoid most of the nikumans but Okita trips and two dumplings land on her and she inflates like the other town’s people and we cut back to Toshie continuing to run and she successfully avoids the dumplings until they stop raining but she accidentally steps on one and a stowaway dumplin…

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Heny3088 Heny3088 26 August 2021

Add The Title Count

To all users who are new to this wiki and starting adding the cast in each anime titles and then add the titles in every actors/actresses pages. You must not leave the title count unedited right after you add the title in each pages in every actors/actresses.

I don't know how many times i spoke to users who were editing this site when they forgot the add the count in each actors/actresses pages right after they add the anime title.

So next time if you add the anime title in every actors/actresses pages, be sure to add the title count before you finish. Otherwise i had to inform you all to fix it right after i add the count for you.

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Heny3088 Heny3088 10 June 2020

500 titles of Monica Rial

We Have Reached a Milestone everyone because voice actress Monica Rial has reached 500 anime titles in Anime Voice Over Wiki.

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Heny3088 Heny3088 30 January 2020

No Canadian Actors And Anime allowed in this wiki

Since the changes in this wiki back in 2017 where it will be the English dub for Americans, but why not Oceans Production Inc. Actors from Canada and anime are not allowed in this wiki, we have Brian Drummond, Michael Donovan, Saffron Henderson, Scott McNeil, and finally Trevor Devall, they did anime roles in America, but why can’t we add Canadian anime Shows and Movies and actors on this wiki, Canada did some Anime dub, but why this wiki is only for Americans ? And Why are we not allowed to add Canadian actors and anime to the Anime Voice Over Wiki ?

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A-Stone A-Stone 11 March 2017

Future of the Voice Over Wiki

Hi everyone,

Me and Jade Cooper has come to an agreement that we want to change this wiki to a dub-only wikia. The reason is because most users on this wiki only has an interest for those titles.

When the change is done many of the titles will remain untouched like: anime, dubbed games, Nintendo titles, foreign dubbed cartoons, films and more. The other titles will be moved to another wiki. Titles will not be removed until they have been transfered.

If we change the name of the wiki we will contact each of you on your talk pages with the new name of the site. Post comments on either mine or Jade Coopers talk page if you have any questions or post a comment below.

Sincerely--A-Stone (talk) 11:34, March 11, 2017 (UTC)

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BandoSiller23 BandoSiller23 23 October 2016

Tiki Adventures - A Service Team

Tiki Adventures: A Service Team is a 2013-2015 Argentine sitcom television series produced by Animadoktensess and presented by Lucas Uriel Escobar, Juan F. DellAglio, Tiago Escobar, Martina DellAglio and Mariano Escobar that started on Discovery Home & Health in Latin America on 2013 and in FOX Life in United States on 2014.The series finalized on February 2015 with 34 episodes.A new version of the series was strted on Nickelodeon under the name Game Shakers.     

  • Sean Giambrone - Tiki, Narayan, Bald Kid (Ep. 12), Parking Employer (Ep.4) 
  • Grey DeLisle - Swelter, Wrinkley, Marsy, Bianca, Kid on the floor (Ep. 15), Diddy 
  • Tara Strong - Liggy, Andrea, Weldy Weld, Iggid, Malish, Daiann, Roxy
  • Tom Kenny - Mr. Strinklet, Gianbress, Doggy, Walter 
  • John …

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Edunk5 Edunk5 26 November 2015


Here is a list of Canadian voice actors and the celebrities they should impersonate.

Bryn McAuley: Cameron Diaz, Idina Menzel

Emilie-Claire Barlow: Celine Dion

Cle Bennett: Samuel L. Jackson

Julia Chantrey: Joan Jett

Katie Crown: Ke$ha

Daniel DeSanto: Ben Lee

Mike Doran: James Gandolfini, Michael Jackson, Linkara

Kevin Duhaney: Prince

Novie Edwards: Beyonce

Laurie Elliott: Irene Cara

Mazin Elsadig: Bob Marley

Megan Fahlenbock: Pink

Darren Frost: Josh Gad

Brian Froud: George Carlin, Jon Heder, Bruce Springsteen

Marco Grazzini: Marc Anthony

Carter Hayden: David Spade, Hank Williams

Barbara Mamabolo: Natalie Imbruglia, Diana Ross

Scott McCord: Patrick Monahan (of Train), Bruce Springsteen (Born in the U.S.A.)

Krystal Meadows: Dolly Parton

Stephanie-Anne Mills: B…

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Cabutchikas Cabutchikas 22 May 2015

I adding more OVAs.

I add Bible Black: New Testament, Bible Black: Only and Stainless Night because they're all OVAs, I almost add their English actors and their Japanese actors on them.

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GinnyStar GinnyStar 16 May 2015

What is Audio Discription

What I've come up with is

  1. Menu
  2. Under Special Feature, arrow down till you reach
  3. English Audio Description, click OK
  4. Return to Move or Main Menu.

[1] [2]

Is the descriptive narration of key visual elements of live theater, television, movies, and other media to enhance their enjoyment by consumers who are blind or have low vision. AD is the insertion of audio explanations and descriptions of the settings, characters, and action taking place in such media, when such information about these visual elements is not offered in the regular audio presentation. [3]

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Pof203 Pof203 6 May 2015

Can these actors be on Funimation?

I posted a question on Yahoo Answers and I'm hoping some would answer.

You may answer here or there, as long as I get answers. Thank you.

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Kana Kana "Saki Kuro" Clark 16 October 2014

How I Became a Fan of Mitsuki Saiga

This is my first blog in this Wiki. Man! Well, I wanna tell you a story on how I became a fan of my most favorite seiyuu, Mitsuki Saiga. Here's the story:

March of 2013, I bought the first and second chapter of 07-Ghost and it was my first time I ever read a manga before watching an anime. I was really into it, that I watched 07-Ghost for the first time. And that is when I heard Teito's seiyuu. I was intrested, but I didn't care much about here (Since I was an iDOLM@STER & Toonami fan at the time). Although I'm not sure if Teito was my first ever role I heard from Saiga. I think it was Benio from Ouran - (Remembers) Oh, now I remember. Teito was the first ever role & boy role I heard from Saiga while Benio was the first female role and seco…

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Pof203 Pof203 16 September 2014

I've just realized...

That out of all the catagories they have at the Kids' Choice Awards, they never had a catagory for best voice actor or actress. Which is why I've decided to hold my own portion of the Awards. For those who agree with me please tell me before October 19. Thank you.

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Gamerman1990 Gamerman1990 10 August 2014

More Voice Roles

There are still lots of actors & actresses we haven't covered who has done voice roles. Like Dakota Fanning has done 4 voice roles in film. If you find an voice actor or a voice actress, please figure out who he or she did the voice role and from which TV show, movie, video game, etc. that it was from.

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Gamerman1990 Gamerman1990 9 August 2014

More About Voice Roles

Voice Roles can come from animated Computer Games like Cluefinders and the Tonka Computer Games. Coraline is a Comedy-Drama movie that has some voice roles too. And it's true that Dakota Fanning did so do a voice role in that movie. What I'm saying is that Dakota Fanning does the role of Coraline Jones in the film Coraline.

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Gamerman1990 Gamerman1990 7 August 2014

All About Voice Acting

Voice acting doesn't come from just animated movies & TV shows. It comes from video games as well. There's also voice acting in TV commercials.

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Jade Cooper Jade Cooper 2 July 2014


Recently pages have been added which listed voice actors that are listed on sources such as wikipedia and so on. As we've said before, use credits or listen to the voices instead of believing unreliable sources.Jade Cooper (talk) 18:55, July 2, 2014 (UTC)

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Cabutchikas Cabutchikas 14 June 2014

I added more Anime pages

Good news, anyone. I added more than one OVAs and Animes in Voice Acting Wiki.

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Cabutchikas Cabutchikas 9 June 2014

Happy 27th!

Today I'm turning 27, because today is my birthday. June 9, 1987.

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Cabutchikas Cabutchikas 16 April 2014

Camille's Cartoon Blog

I loves cartoon because I understand all the real people who played all cartoon people on many shows I watched on TV and/or online.

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Patricier21 Patricier21 17 October 2013

Who SPECIFICALLY do THESE voice actors play in Kingdom Hearts II, credited under Additional Voices?

Does anybody know who SPECIFICALLY these voice actors played in Kingdom Hearts II under the Additional Voices? I know some of them. some as you may know technically voice Disney characters but they are listed under here 

 Beau Billingslea - Bo'sun  A.J. Buckley Corey Burton - The Peddler  Paul Butcher Robert Clotworthy Kevin Delaney - Tournament Coordinator  John DiMaggio - Jacoby  Courtnee Draper  Bill Farmer Pluto (?) Bob Joles Rosalyn Landor - Hollow Bastion Computer  Adam Leadbeater - Twigg J.P. Manoux Jon Olson - Twilight Town Cat  Adam Paul - Tournament announcer Bradley Pierce Kristen Rutherford Audrey Wasilewski

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Avatar the last airbender actor with most character voices

Is anyone else who is doing more voices than Dee Bradley Baker?

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Jade Cooper Jade Cooper 31 August 2011

Next Week

Bleach 221 English Dubbed

Find out who voices Ggio Vega and Nirgge Parduoc, please.

Naruto Shippuden 96 English Dubbed

Might be new voice roles. Please check it out.Jade Cooper 18:43, August 31, 2011 (UTC)Jade Cooper

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Jade Cooper Jade Cooper 31 August 2011

Listen to all additional voices on anime


Listen to all voices on the anime series you watch and then tell me which voice actor or actress you identified as which additional voice and I'll be most grateful.Jade Cooper 18:30, August 31, 2011 (UTC)Jade Cooper

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