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Marvel Blade 2012 DVD Cover

Blade (ブレイド) is an anime that aired between July 1 to September 16, 2011, consisting of 12 episodes. It is part of the Marvel anime franchise.

English Voice Cast

Main Cast

  • Harold Perrineau - Blade/Eric Brooks

Secondary Cast

Minor Cast

  • Bryce Papenbrook - Edgar Frost (ep10), Police (ep10), Vampire Knight (ep11)
  • Chris Smith - Lucius Isaac
  • Cindy Robinson - Mandurago (ep3), Prostitute (ep4)
  • Doug Stone - Hayate
  • Grant George - Ship Crew (ep3), Thug (ep7), Young High Coucil Member (ep8)
  • JB Blanc - Helicopter Pilot (ep11), Vampire (ep12)
  • Jamieson Price - Ship Crew (ep3), Collaborator (ep4), High Council Member (ep11), Lord Howard (ep3), Old High Council Member (ep8), Young High Council Member (ep8)
  • Janice Kawaye - Alice (ep8), Yati (ep6)
  • John Bentley - Bat Minion (ep6), Foreman (ep6), Thug (ep7)
  • Johnny Yong Bosch - Djalal (ep7)
  • Kat Purgal - Mattes, Prostitute (ep4), Sundal Bolong (ep6)
  • Keith Silverstein - Collaborator (ep4), Collaborator (ep6), Thug (ep7), Vampire Hunter (ep10), Vampire Monster (ep12)
  • Kim Mai Guest - Stan's Wife (ep8)
  • Kyle Hebert - Saragi (ep6), Sergei (ep7), Thug (ep7)
  • Laura Bailey - Prostitute (ep4), Woman (ep3)
  • Liam O'Brien - Daniel (ep4)
  • Mary Elizabeth McGlynn - Crowd (ep10)
  • Milo Ventimiglia - Wolverine/Logan (ep7)
  • Nayo Wallace - Tara Brooks
  • Neil Kaplan - High Council Chairman, Police (ep10)
  • Noah Bentley - Young Eric Brooks (ep4)
  • Patrick Seitz - Sgt. Major Stan Davis (ep8), Thug (ep7)
  • Richard Cansino - Agus (ep6)
  • Steve Blum - Captain McRay, Kikyo Mikage, Old High Council Member (ep8), Young High Council Member (ep8)
  • Steve Kramer - Crowd (ep10), High Council Member (ep11), Master Tanba Yagyu (ep9), Old High Council Member (ep8), Vampire Hunter (ep10)
  • Susan Dalian - Carol (ep4)
  • Troy Baker - Noah Van Helsing, Vampire (ep12)

Additional Voices (Uncredited)