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Beyblade is an anime television series based on the manga series by Takao Aoki. It aired in Japan between January 8, 2001 and December 24, 2001, consisting of 51 episodes.

English Voice Cast

Main Cast

Minor Cast

  • Alex Hood - Gang (ep1)
  • Allen Stewart-Coates - Male Flight Attendant #1 (ep8), Voltaire
  • Ari-Paul Saunders - Boy #6 (ep16), Kevin, Stewart, Teenager A (eps1-2)
  • Chris Marren - Douglas, Drone A (ep50), Mayor (ep51), Mayor McSheeze (ep21), Rescue #2 (ep32), Sanguinex
  • Craig Lauzon - Boy #2 (ep16), Bryan, Christian (ep32), Chunky Chuck (ep14), Doug (ep13), Gary, Male Fan #2 (ep16), Passenger #1 (ep30), Scientist B (ep41), Train Guy #2 (ep32), Tyson's Dad, Waylon (ep10)
  • Dan Warry-Smith - Billy, Casey, Gang (ep1), SS Gang A-D (ep2), Tony (ep19)
  • Daniel DeSanto - Russian Students (ep40)
  • David Reale - Boy #3 (ep16), Male Fan #3 (ep16), Russian Students (ep40), Teenager (ep5), Teenager C (ep1)
  • Eric Woolfe - A.J. Topper
  • Gabriel Plener - Jeff
  • Gage Knox - Boy B (ep18), Teenager D (ep1)
  • George Buza - Grandpa, Guard (ep46), Male Guest (ep7), Neighbor (ep1)
  • Jamie Haydon-Devlin - Tala
  • Joanne Vannicola - Blonde Babe (ep33), Johnny
  • John Stocker - Bellhop (ep31), Boy Blader #2 (ep30), Cook #2 (ep34), Crowd #3 (ep34), Dock Worker (ep31), Driver (ep21), Lee's Grandfather (ep13), Male Flight Attendant #2 (ep8), Male Guest #2 (ep7), Man in Crowd (ep19), Max's Dad, Mustache Guy (ep30), News Stand Attendant (ep34), Old Man (ep35), Peasant (ep12), Pilot (ep8), Russian Coach (ep40), Secret Service (ep22), Shaydes (ep45), Teen A (ep8), Tourist #2 (ep34), Train Station Announcer (ep40), Typhoon (ep22)
  • Julie Lemieux - Bianca, Boy #1 (ep16), Boy A (ep51), Boy Blader #3 (ep30), Children 2, 4, and 8 (ep41), Crocodile Peewee (ep24), Diego (ep24), Dizzi, Female Crowd Member (ep25), Female Fan #1 (ep16), Female Fan #3 (ep16), French Boy #2 (ep34), Girl (ep3), Girl A (ep18), Girl Blader #1 (ep30), Little Boy (ep40), Little Girl (ep40), Loudspeaker Voice (ep8), Mariah, Mario, Office Clerk (ep31), PA Announcer (ep10), Reporter (ep23), Robin (ep13), Ronnie (ep13)
  • Julie Zwillich - Blondie #1 (ep24), Boy B (ep51), Child #2 (ep44), Emily, Enrique, French Boy #1 (ep34), Girl B (ep18)
  • Kim Kuhteubl - Female Guest (ep7)
  • Lyon Smith - Andrew, Andy (ep19), Fernando (ep24), Kevin, Michael, Trainer A (ep41), Trevor
  • Mark Dailey - Brad Best
  • Mark Rendall - Boy A (ep18), Nicky (ep18)
  • Peter Cugno - Axel (ep24), Bobby (ep13), Lee, Male A (ep43), Male Fan #1 (ep16), Miguel (ep23), Police Detective (eps46-47), Scientist A (ep41), Spencer, Tommy (ep10), Zippy (ep14)
  • Raoul Bhaneja - Andre (ep10), Biovolt #1 (ep42), Boy #4 (ep16), Bruno (ep13), DJ Jazzman, Lippy (ep14), Luiz (ep25), Male Fan #4 (ep16), Pedro (ep23), Ronney
  • Rob Stefaniuk - Carlos, Teenager B (eps1-2)
  • Robert Tinkler - Boy Blader #1 (ep30), Cenotaph, Cook #1 (ep34), Crowd #2 (ep34), Curator (ep34), Engineer (ep38), Father Priestly (ep32), Gang Member #2 (ep34), PA Announcer (ep32), Passenger #3 (ep30), Piddlesworth (ep35), TV Announcer (ep30)
  • Shannon Perreault - Alexander, Child #3 (ep44), Children 7 and 9 (ep41), Ian, Russian Mother (ep41)
  • Susan Roman - Antonio, Blondie #2 (ep24), Child #1 (ep44), Children 1, 3, 5, and 6 (ep41), J-Heart (ep22), Judy, Little Boy #1 (ep24), Little Boy #2 (ep24), Little Boy #3 (ep24), Oliver, Riley (ep19), Rosetta (ep36), Various, Young Boy (ep22)
  • Tim Grimes - Drone B (ep50), Eddy, Trainer B (ep41)
  • Todd Hofley - Bruce
  • Tony Daniels - Boris, Cook #3 (ep34), Crowd #1 (ep34), Dragoon (ep51), Gang Member #1 (ep34), Henchman #1 (ep46), Lupinex, Russian Students (ep40), Tourist #1 (ep34), Uncle Stan (ep34), Zomb
  • Vincent Corazza - Guard #1 (ep44), Gustav, Jose (ep23), Passenger #2 (ep30), Rescue #1 (ep32), Robert, Steve, Train Guy #1 (ep32), Vampire (ep32)
  • William Colgate - Boy #5 (ep16), Driver (ep3), Henchman #2 (eps46-47), Mr. Dickenson