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Area 88 is an original OVA series produced by Studio Pierrot released between February 5, 1985 and August 15, 1986, Studio Pierrot produced an OVA trilogy for VHS and laserdisc. In 1992, Central Park Media's U.S. Manga Corps released the OVA series, subtitled in English, in North America for VHS and laserdisc, and re-released the first volume for DVD on 14 July 2000.

After Central Park Media's OVA license lapsed, ADV Films published Act I and Act III of the trilogy for DVD on 25 July 2006. Although Act II is missing from the ADV collection, the OVA can be sourced via streaming media, torrents, or second-hand VHS and Laserdisk copies. The 2006 ADV collection is a two-DVD set, and features the original Japanese soundtrack as well as the dubbed English track, performed by the same cast who voiced the English dub of the TV series. The DVD content also includes an interview with Kaoru Shintani, and an introduction to the fighter jets portrayed in the series.

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