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This wiki covers voice acting and will contain general information about voice actors and actresses, formally created on April 12, 2017. Please sign up and begin editing and use talk pages before adding roles that aren't credited or confirmed.

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Ultimate Voice Actor Credits

At this wiki we put our focus at the English anime/aeni/donghua credits for North American dubs. We do not cover things such as American cartoons, English dubs of any live-action series, or anime that were never dubbed into English. We aim to make our wiki 100% accurate so please don't post information from random sites that are known to have inaccurate information. As this is a wiki for voice acting, Muppets/Puppetering and Live-Action performances are not allowed on this wiki.

You can check out our Top 100 list of voice actors depending on the number of titles they have lent their voice to. The list is updated frequently when titles are added.

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