This is a manual of style for the format of editing to be used in the Anime Voice Over Wiki.


Please use authentic sources when adding titles. Do not reference sites such as Wikipedia as a source for a voice actor's role as they can have false information.

The following sources are considered authentic:

  • Credits from the title itself
  • A voice actor's own résumé
  • Official listing on a company website (e.g. FUNimation, announcements from Anime News Network)
  • Social media, such as tweets or Facebook posts

On rare occasions, voice actors may also be identified by voice, but this is not recommended as a voice may be misinterpreted, resulting in inaccurate information.

Creation of Voice Actor Pages

When creating pages for voice actors, follow this kind of structure. Ideally, there should be no spaces between headings and between text and bullet points.

When adding an image for the voice actor in question, the filename should contain his/her name only.

Voice actors are categorized according to their nationality. In this case, Marc Swint is an American voice actor, so he will be put in the "American Voice Actors" category. If the voice actor has passed away, add the "Deceased Voice Actors" category along with their date of death.

Creation of Title Pages

As with the creation of voice actor pages, follow the above structure and use an appropriate image with the filename containing only the title.

When listing a voice cast:

  1. If the entire voice cast is uncredited, put "Uncredited" in brackets next to the "Voice Cast" header.
  2. If a voice cast has been announced prior to a title's release, put "Announced" in brackets next to the header.
  3. If a voice cast has been fully credited, no need to add anything else. If there any uncredited roles, put the "Additional Voices (Uncredited)" sub-header and list the uncredited roles under there.

Available for Assistance

If you have any questions, please contact any one of the administrators.

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