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A Lull in the Sea is a 2013 original anime series produced by P.A. Works. It aired in Japan from October 3, 2013 and April 3, 2014, consisting of twenty-six episodes. An English dub produced by Bang Zoom! Entertainment was released in North America by NIS America on June 30, 2015.

English Voice Cast[]

Main Cast[]

Secondary Cast[]

Minor Cast[]

  • Carrie Keranen - Manaka's Mother, Nurse (ep14), Weather Forecaster (ep9)
  • Dorothy Elias-Fahn - Chisaki's Mother, Female Student C (ep6), Female Student E (ep1), Jewelry Store Worker B (ep8), Miori Shiodome (ep5), Old Woman (ep10)
  • Doug Stone - Fishermen Union Member A, Principal (ep4), Waiter (ep12)
  • Faye Mata - Kaori Akiyoshi
  • Kirk Thornton - Fishermen Union Member B, Shun's Father (ep11)
  • Kyle Hebert - Chisaki's Father (ep13), Fishermen Union Member E, Man (ep7), Tailor Wakaba Owner (ep16)
  • Kyle McCarley - Go Iizuka
  • Matthew Mercer - Satoru Mihashi, Fishermen Union Member D, Fishermen Union Member G, Manaka's Father (ep9)
  • Mela Lee - Yu Seiki, Female Student A (ep1), Female Student B (ep6)
  • Philip Lamont - Atsushi Minegishi
  • Richard Epcar - Doctor
  • Stephen Mendel - Fishermen Union Member F (ep9)
  • Tony Oliver - Fishermen Union Member C, Fishermen Union Member H, Minegishi's Friend (ep14), Priest (ep25), TV Host (ep2)
  • Wendee Lee - Female Student C (ep1), Fish, Jewelry Store Worker A (ep8), Tsumugu's Mother (ep12)

Additional Voices[]